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Pocketg99 thought the Real Salt Lake v Portland Timbers match was awesome
2 years ago
Pocketg99 gave the Barcelona v Los Angeles Galaxy video a rating of 1
4 years ago
May I kindly ask you as question? Who's at the top of the table... oh right, not Barcelona.
6 years ago
Record , i think.
Carew's goal was offside. The rule actually states two players must be between the goal-line and the receiver to constitute and offside position. Since the keep...
7 years ago
I was wondering if anyone was going to notice ching's
Wtf what happened?
Dee-Nah-Yar Bill-Ya-Let-Dee-Nov
I hate listening to England fans blaming the linesman, cuz it was there fault they were 2-1 down, and it was there fault that Germany got 2 more
Robbed: Yes, Essential points: not entirely.
Ideal: England tie Algeria (that would leave USA tie with England on 2 points w/ 0 goal differential, and then if we beat Algeria by more than England beat Slov...
Hmm, not good for england. If those platinum stars guys coulda finished it would've been a petty close game. England were ust torn apart by the one passing manu...
Man Utd. were very lucky to have rooney at all, and Alex probably knew that he was fit the whole time.
8 years ago
Fulham shoulda had 2 penalties
Wow two amazing saves from LLoris!
Hmm, the commentator defended the offsides for Lille saying his arm was offside. Unfortunately according to the Laws of the Game arms are not to be used to judg...
U got the same profile pic as me
Wow, first goal was probably offside, and Ridgewell's was definitely in!
Dude... is there any way of contacting u? like Facebook? MSN? Skype?
There is no true brazil without ronaldinho
Was that Thiago's debut?
Does any 1 love stoke as much as me if so click on me and join the(stoke anator 116)just ask me...ty
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