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@murda1 and if it wasn't for messi in the classico before this one then barca wouldn't have won
6 years ago
What happens when you pour a drop of colored liquid into clear water? clean water isn't clean anymore But I don't think it was 'one' drop of colored liquid wh...
You succeed to confuse me at one instance : " I hate diving " at another instance : " It should go on " and another : " theres no way possible for someone t...
I didn't say barca were/play bad neither am I trying to to make them 'look' like that. I'm pointing out the peculiar pattern observed in referees of barca match...
To all those who say Real Madrid play rugby football I present to you the List of Truth = (Wednesday 27th April) real madrid vs barcelona = Pepe red card (Wed...
Correction: messi raped arsenal. barca woud've lost without messi and if they were to win without him it wouldn't have been such an easy win.
8 years ago
The reff's decision was 100% wrong on the freekick messi scored from
I want to see how barca will preform without messi
WTF? in xavi's pass to D.alves (second goal), ibrahimovic was in a clear offside position! (pause at 4:27) somebody correct me?
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