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HAPPY NEW YEAR Pipi. Its been a long long time. Hope you are well. I have been in America... visiting my family. Just got back to Greece. Do takecare and talk s...
5 years ago
Where have you been my beautiful beautiful friend?? Is your hubby keeping you away from all the guys on footytube?? hahaha. Have missed you. Hope you are doing ...
Pipi is now rivals with Shajesh
I can sense you really busy these days Pipi... Hope you doing good though... Hope i catch you on here soon. x x x
What happened to Adriano??? was watching the last episode of THE WALKING DEAD :P
Thank you Viki, I am glad to hear your great:) Bella means beautiful in Spanish so you are correct:)
You said "hey there Bella".... what does that mean???? surely you know my name is Viki. is Bella something in Spanish??
Well, the economy in Greece is bad... as well as in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland...lol. So Greece is just one of the few countries. Everything is great thoug...
Hi there bella. No I didnt forget you at all. I have been just consoling my husband since the Dortmund loss , he took it pretty hard. So how are things in Greec...
How are you sweet face? I guess its your turn to forget me, huh? :(:(
That was me leaving (my pic) lol. We will talk soon. Hope you on here tomorrow when we play Dortmund. takecare and say hi to your hubby. Much love x x
I havent really been on here that much these days..but I AM BACK! Its good to be missed though :):):) Still jealous about your pic..you look dead-gorgeous. I we...
Hey my beautiful friend.... how have you been??? I could never forget you. You the only friend i have on here. I have been mad mad busy. Misssed you though. Wha...
Thanks for the add, I've given you some cool votes :) As I said to your husband, you both have been contributing quite nicely to the footy tube website :)
You forgot about me:(
No need to be serious about life only work, brings that out in me life should be fun, we only have one shot at it!!:P
I like it,its clean cut and he doesn't have to worry about fixing it and touching it all game long. Now if he starts playing better it will all be worth it:)
He most certainly can protect the both of us lol:), how have you been these days?? I was telling my friends about you and that I have a friend all the way in Gr...
Your hubby is a pretty big guy and a Federal Police Officer??? You think he can protect both of us? hahahaha.
"but dont you worry i got your back".....hahahaha I love the sound of that. Thanks. x x
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