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Waking up early in the morning to catch United match, Guinness, Thinking of Enduring United glories, Our great comebacks, Ole, The great Peter, Team 99, My new United Jersey, Alpine Skiing, large LCD screen with a foamy icy cold Beck's in hand, George Best
Scousers, City lads more than scousers, the formers at least have a history to cling on, Overpaid players, Rich idiotic team sponsers, the truely kill the spirit of football, wastelands, Russian mafia mobsters and their boss Roman, international games including world cup, what good they're for except for injuring the players. Glory hunters in its true meaning. (Those who switch from team to team a
Amateur (Goalkeeper) K.D.B
In Sir Alex we trust!!
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It's just foolishness to think that we are in anyways safe. Unmotivated matches and grinding results, it's a bubble and unless we do something about it soon, it...
10 hours ago
Another 92 minutes of my life down the drain. I suppose we are Man United we will do what we want.
1 day ago
^ said noone ever.
Bastian stormed through like a Tank.
I'm listening to the sympathy for the devil. Far more thrill in it. It makes me feel sick that each of these players weekly wage can build up a school, and Roo...
Add this to the list of why. Unless injured why was Bastian subbed? He was basically the only distributor we had in the middle.
4 days ago
My grand grand had naturals when he passed the century so I beg to differ.
I would have been concerned had we drawn after having hit the woodworks 5 times. That's how our team plays toothless, slow and predictable inside the box. The o...
YEp it sucks.
Piss poor was our performance. The team is toothless as a 105 year old man without dental plan.
We are too hesitant in the box. Our forwards lack that killer hunger. The rest is doing fine.
3-0 is my prediction. Memphis will score but won't celebrate, that's the wild card.
No talents sold in January. Sir Alex used to say.
6 days ago
Manchester weather sucks, German women are lousy at least to my taste, Spanish women are hot, their food is tasty, their weather is nice and their coffers are f...
1 week ago
@SIF: It's a quote from Sun Tzu: "Hence that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend" For what is worth in United even DDG has...
I trust our defense and with their defensive record if they wanna open up to us, they will suffer. I'm rather positive.
Next week when we will defeat Leicster at their own turf, we will grasp the top spot, United like!
The bad news is Aguero is back. Even in this terrible match he was a killer. Why hasn't Real bought him yet ffs!
What the f**k is going on at emptihead?
Football, bloody hell!
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