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Waking up early in the morning to catch United match, Guinness, Thinking of Enduring United glories, Our great comebacks, Ole, The great Peter, Team 99, My new United Jersey, Alpine Skiing, large LCD screen with a foamy icy cold Beck's in hand, George Best
Scousers, City lads more than scousers, the formers at least have a history to cling on, Overpaid players, Rich idiotic team sponsers, the truely kill the spirit of football, wastelands, Russian mafia mobsters and their boss Roman, international games including world cup, what good they're for except for injuring the players. Glory hunters in its true meaning. (Those who switch from team to team a
Amateur (Goalkeeper) K.D.B
In Sir Alex we trust!!
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I second that. The team has a solid back a reasonably strong midfield courtesy of lvg alone and a promising forward. Even if he wont grab the 4th place but catc...
1 week ago
City won't risk a nil nil their remaining fixtures are far tougher than Arsenal's. To put cl in bed they need to win.
I would root for city to rape Arsenal now. Sunderland is Arsenal's black cat.
So de Gea has onesemi final penalty wonder save to match schmeichel,'s against Arsenal. If this boy acts his act together and stop wet dreaming of moving to Rea...
Yes so i noticed today. Moyes strangely had a good record away for us.
2 weeks ago
In other words city refused to pay him 300k. Save your respects for yourselves money rules =)
2 months ago
My unfortunate horny fellows who happen not o have access to plan a I suggest a box of clinic a dirty cd and a quiet room don't waste it on tomorrow wet dream c...
Shreberry united down next barca aka mitiland united! I miss Keane . he would have stare raped half the team s and the other half would have grown a pair ...
If I recall rthat year they actually won the CL.
If W can become the president after his father and Hillary can carry on his husband's name, Kasper deserves his number 1 shirt in United as well. The difference...
3 months ago
I have them both on my df. Messi being star. Should I expect a jump? :)
So finally we gently slapped some asses?! :) let us hope it'll be trendy
@SIF: Based on your argument a goalkeeper that knocks down a player outside the box and is sent off and simultaneously saves his team from a clear chance goal a...
Suarez is a twat but I'm still amazed by those who give him a hard time for the Ghana handball and simultaneously cheer for Ole's last man foul. He did the righ...
^lvg: am there with you. Every week I'd think that this match I'm missing will be a thrilling one and every week the same s...y performance as the week before.
That was pretty much the time I stopped watching football all together and I haven't regretted it since. There is more thrill in watching senior curling, than t...
Happy the man, and happy he alone, he who can call today his own: he who, secure within, can say, Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today. Be fair or fou...
Only if we could take a point from norwich only if
Et tu Rooney?
4 months ago
Merry Xmas. And for the case of A@@ kicking, put it on your wish list. when was the last time we gently slapped anyone's ass? :))
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