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Waking up early in the morning to catch United match, Guinness, Thinking of Enduring United glories, Our great comebacks, Ole, The great Peter, Team 99, My new United Jersey, Alpine Skiing, large LCD screen with a foamy icy cold Beck's in hand, George Best
Scousers, City lads more than scousers, the formers at least have a history to cling on, Overpaid players, Rich idiotic team sponsers, the truely kill the spirit of football, wastelands, Russian mafia mobsters and their boss Roman, international games including world cup, what good they're for except for injuring the players. Glory hunters in its true meaning. (Those who switch from team to team a
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In Sir Alex we trust!!
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I was one and I also remember when he kicked our united class backroom and brought his mediocre one with him I said we were screwed.
2 days ago
I have no feelings good or bad for them I just dont like our current ace if we wete the second I wouldnt mind them being third
3 days ago
Someone should tame Southhampton. They need a universal ass wooping, I don't really like to have to deal with two Chelsea like point collecting teams at a time.
4 days ago
For long emitates has been considered safe grounds for us. Its like California for democrats. They nmay try but come the end of the day they never disapPoints u...
5 days ago
Still one kudos to me regarding young. Now I've always said that he ain't a united class winger but he sure is a work horse, kinda like O'Shea who was my favori...
I was at t bar we we were one nill up. Now there was this cockney sitting next to me saying all manner of shitty banters, when we went 2 nill up he suddenly stf...
Is thisbad poetry is it supposed to mean something? :)
6 days ago
I'm having a cold, wish I could take Monday off ;)
1 week ago
And then he would as us when we exchanged wisdom by it?
Hargreevs was born in Calgary, but he was registered as english/.
2 weeks ago
I can't believe I'm listening to this lvg out BS right now. Van gaal was handed over a broken spirit sucked out team, merely destroyed by a constantly constipa...
Wish he had refused Sir Alex's offer. Frankly I liked him in Everton. Now I can't refuse thinking of him as a witless stick.
Well old friend we ain't better off yet ;)
I'm not worried. Anyways what did you expect from this march with a player down in the 30s. I myself thought anything less than 3 goals would be a pass. The tea...
3 weeks ago
^ it was point blank. Schemichel might have saved it but then it'd be the save the decade :)
1 month ago
I'm glad we didn't lose and I mean it. For perhaps the first time since Sir Alex's depart we were fighting like the United of the old, not giving up until the l...
It's king Eric like. I wouldn't even bother checking the validity. Hail the king of Stretford end!
No mates noone's injured. i woke up on Saturday to recall that England plyed against san marino. in other words no united matches for the weekend.
F**k international friendlies seriously!
Brandon Rogers? well never mind :) I'm glad I didn't see Moyes in the list :D
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