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Waking up early in the morning to catch United match, Guinness, Thinking of Enduring United glories, Our great comebacks, Ole, The great Peter, Team 99, My new United Jersey, Alpine Skiing, large LCD screen with a foamy icy cold Beck's in hand, George Best
Scousers, City lads more than scousers, the formers at least have a history to cling on, Overpaid players, Rich idiotic team sponsers, the truely kill the spirit of football, wastelands, Russian mafia mobsters and their boss Roman, international games including world cup, what good they're for except for injuring the players. Glory hunters in its true meaning. (Those who switch from team to team a
Amateur (Goalkeeper) K.D.B
In Sir Alex we trust!!
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I never bought this Pedro deal anyways. Ass kissing a player and moosing around with him has never been United way. I doubt if United ever really even considere...
1 week ago
Yes please. The only thing you need right now besides, Mourinho- that medic lady cat fight, is Balotelli added to you squad :)
2 weeks ago
I'm still willing to give him the benefit of doubt. So far his only flop has been the backpass today and he kinda managed not to screw up as well. We shall wai...
Smalling is finally stepping forward to claim his place as Vidic successor. Today he was a killer. I liked the way he took the ball from the Brugge as if he was...
Credit to bruge, they played with balls.
It felt like the United of the old.
We played 2 matches kept 2 clean sheets and bagged 6 points. Last time we played against city and fool we gave them a good ass kicking all the way. You people a...
It would have been a regression to average for anyone after Sir Alex. The problem is he didn't regress, he jumped all the way!
Well once the rivals start talking s**t about us, it means we are getting right back on track. Bring it on losers :)
It won't be easy pizzy but I'm confident we will. The PL teams have known our pros and cons for ages. We always have an edge against those who are unfamiliar to...
Well I agree that he still needs to prove much. I don't think he is floppish as Barthez. DDG was barely 20 when he joined us, he did his learning curve here. R...
I am willing to give Romero a chance. How often do you buy the world cup finalist on free transfer? If he turns out to be a decent keeper our main problem would...
Well for me it was very clear from the very beginning. He is a spaniard and he wants to play for RM. considering that GKing is pretty much the lifetime career, ...
Why the hatred? I totally understand him. He wants to leave. He ain't doing no crime. It's actually us who are putting him in an awkard situation. A goal keeper...
If we keep DDG even on the bench this season, Madrid will learn a lesson. Never to play cheap shots with the red devils.
3 weeks ago
Guys how to remove a team from your rival list? Unknowingly I have become a United rival :) For what I know last night I went to bed I grew lots of chest hair a...
1 month ago
Salut le le. For the impact, really?
Pioneercolonel just became a Rival of Manchester United
I haven't been around for a while. You wanna say it's that dead?
Listen lads this foes not f*****g slip! Raspberries :))
I may be mistaken but ain't Schweinstigger the first German player to play for United, like since forever? Apparently finally we are getting over with their bom...
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