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Waking up early in the morning to catch United match, Guinness, Thinking of Enduring United glories, Our great comebacks, Ole, The great Peter, Team 99, My new United Jersey, Alpine Skiing, large LCD screen with a foamy icy cold Beck's in hand, George Best
Scousers, City lads more than scousers, the formers at least have a history to cling on, Overpaid players, Rich idiotic team sponsers, the truely kill the spirit of football, wastelands, Russian mafia mobsters and their boss Roman, international games including world cup, what good they're for except for injuring the players. Glory hunters in its true meaning. (Those who switch from team to team a
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At the end of the day guys, you have won the title with style. I'm just glad we were not the one to give it to you :)
2 weeks ago
The correct expression is a " Hair dryer" :)
Me either.
I hope we will. It's an important mental barrier. I recall Sir Alex saying that passing 80 points makes a team qualified for winning the title or something alon...
3 weeks ago
I non-reluctantly choose City. Next season, I hope they will regress no matter what they do. Send fool to CL semi final and we have a second fish to fry already...
I posted nothing yet I wasn't excited either. Still, I wanna give him the benefit of doubt and time. In Sir Alex's time, I wouldn't have thought of him twice.
1 month ago
^Sanchez; So is every other team. Arsenal still have Europa the best they can hope for is to win a CL spot from it. Chelsea: are out of everything. Tottenha...
Our record since JAn 1st: 1 Jan 2018 Everton v Manchester United W 0-2 Premier League 05 Jan 2018 Manchester United v Derby County W 2-0 FA Cup 15 Jan 2018 Manc...
All above: Your problem my friends is that you are having gross over expectation from the team. The team is being rebuilt. Suppose that we defeated Sevilla and...
There is this thing called regression to average. City have pushed it too far this season. We had seen such thing before, like the year when Chelsea dominated t...
This season was yours. Next won't be this easy. No team gives United an easy pass. Every rag tagged rout plays like they are fighting a last stand against us.
What bugs me this season is that by any normal standards we should be fighting for the title now. We have defeated Chelsea, pool, Arsenal... and we have done a...
"Gerrard gone in 8 seconds" that was by far the most memorable :) it was actually like 30 seconds though.
Arsene always finds a way to extend his contract :)
Truth be told, With Sir Alex we were punching much higher than our weight. Stuffing 8 into Arsenal with a side fielding Anderson ( aka the cheeseburger) was no...
@Tomikato: I didn't mean city. I meant Liverpool (fool). :) talking about give it sometime and win a few titles before earning the bragging rights. No worries a...
Well, don't get cocky. It took us 19 titles to finally brag off fool. Should you win it by then, we will give you the guard of honour.
Congratulations guys on winning the title. Next season :)
This has been the most uncompetitve PL season since our early 2000 dominance. It hurts me to say but we have to give City a very early congratulations.
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