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That's something. Respect
WOW. For the first half Bayern guys where like: meh! let them play. Then MU scored goal and it worked like wake up call. Looked like they did it just for the th...
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Group F preview
And that's the way to start a season boys :)
Od lat mamy problemy z defensywą, a jak tam nie ma stabilności to o wyniki trudno. Tyle że oprócz Piszczka nie ma jednego obrońcy który by miał stabilną...
Dzisiejszy mecz z Danią trochę podniósł mnie na duchu. Przynajmniej im się chciało. Tylko czy starczy na Czarnogórę?
More likely the pressure is too big. Anyway impressive beginning.
That's how football team should start a season. It's a pity my guys do not know that :(
Did someone broke a mirror? :( Bitter victory and we are out. Damn!
For their standards they were quite delicate. I presume someone said to them to be extra careful because one leg of Messi i worth more then half of polish leagu...
I know he may feel disappointed but I think he took it a bit too far.
Może nie było to piękne ale wygraliśmy. Maybe it was not perfect but we won so :)
Exactly Jeroen. Unless he is getting back to Poznan ;)
No. Anywhere but not at Bayern. This is not a step forward. If he wants to prove himself he should go to other country. If he will be able to get trophies, peop...
Jaroen +1
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