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Pigeonsoap wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Malaga should consider buying him. He could be great and could exchange some games with Baptista and Rondon. Baptista is almost always injured and Rondon doesn'...
6 years ago
Aren't you are Tottenham fan?
Yeah because spending 1 billion in the last 10 years on Galacticos is meagre compared to the 60m Malaga has spent right
This league has a 7th placed team beating your number 1 team. this league has more CL trophies than yours. This league has had more Ballon D'or winners than you...
Thats a dumb argument considering Messi plays in a much tougher era of football compared to Pele's, and we're in an age when club football > international. He's...
How am I trolling? I'm simply saying it's annoying to still hear Chelsea fans bring up that old game, and Madrid fans don't want to apply the same "ref makes mi...
Ignoring the ignorant trolling masses on this thread, congrats to both teams for playing an excellent game. Damn shame Betis didn't win, I really love that they...
BILBAO! "Except RM and Barca all other La Liga teams are s**t." lol, you sure about that guys?
He's the best player in this time. There is no one who replicates for their country what Messi does for his club. So that makes Messi the best player, not just ...
I love how haters voted Bayer as awesome and Barca as rubbish. so many too
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