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5 years ago
The ref stepped all over that crazy worm celebration.
The ref stepped all over that crazy worm celebration.
What a way to ruin an awesome game stupid ref!!!
A LA JUVE WAS on CRACK when they got Giovinco...he is useless...maybe if he was 2 feet taller could have work but s**t he is just to small for an atacker...if t...
S**t man I hit the like button by error...I actually was going to say about your comments that they are absolutely!!!!
I just wrote some words in Italian because I know some Italian I am not pretending to be Italian I can care less, I a bad ass mothafocka I do not care about fro...
Balloteli e un'immondizia....Balloteli is garbage..why is Italy bringin such a dumb players like balloteli and jovinco Italy is a failure of a team in the attac...
Jovinco in Italy and with number 10...Holy God is this team going to participate in the special olimpics???...and Matri is the king of missed goals...what a per...
6 years ago
RVP is the MAN!!!
God....everybody knows with the exeption of the ref that a world class player like RVP never dives...That was a clear penalty...
Arsenal could win any game if they just play more with RvP when they are at the attack. He has class like no other player out there.
Welbeck better than chicharito...not even close...
Milan is time to crush Barcelona!!!!
Check the game again people!!! The servians were trying to kill chicharito...he took a lot of punishment...a penalty was well deserved!!! The only thing missing...
Ibra is beter and stronger than both!!!
I do not like matri...he is always missing really good chances of scoring... Hope he gets better... I guess I still miss Roberto Bagio magic with the Juve scor...
Why you got to say stuff like that??? Galliani was on the phone ordering a!!! Viva la serie A... viva Milan!!!!!!!!!
Ta...ta...tara...tatata..Superrrrrrrrrrrrr Goalieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Wow!!! Denmark has really good players...And I guess Ronaldo was not the most handsome and talented player here...As a matter of fact the players from Denmark m...
Barcelona is going to get their butt kick next match against ACM just wait and see!!!!
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