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Zilch wrote in On Peterpans wall
Well KGB's said pretty much everything. But for the record, who do I think I am? Am I thirteen? No, I'm 31 talking to a young 19yr old and I'm a mod asking you ...
5 years ago
Peterpan updated his profile
Hello Adolf, I noticed your response to Zilch, and let me be frank with you, you are completely out of line. "Dude are you for real? Am I racist based on wh...
Dude are you for real? Am I racist based on what genius? Who are you every bodies mother telling who should be writing and who should be not By the way you shou...
Peterpan is now rivals with Zilch
Hi, please refrain from any personal insults or offensive comments towards other users, your comment about an Indian deli doorman can be construed as racist by ...
I'm glad you are liking each others got what you both wanted.
@Pukaki reading your comment I can judge that you are not much of a golie but more of a Indian deli doorman. The shot was very central and it could be easily bl...
Chiellini is a douche a diver and a whiner, but that doesn't mean that every Italian players are like him. Whiners know no country (Busquez, Suarez, Sergio, man...
Buffon unnecessary deflection of the the ball back to the center area in occasion of n.1 it's pretty stupid. Even without all the goalie's mistakes Juventus and...
How come Ronaldo never won the golden boot?! the goal he scored was sick!! It seems that even god forbid Messi die tomorrow Fifa will still appoint his ghost fo...
It is going to be a difficult game in Barcellona for both team...2-2 doesn't help Barca and it is a morale incentive for Psg it can offset the home factor
Don't worry that day is coming in fact I don't think Barca if it makes it to the final will be able to beat this Bayern.
Juventus played an awful game,Bayern is just too solid today's game proof that serie A had lost most of its competitiveness internationally infact this Juventus...
Italy's defense got 2 goals from the same side clearly avoidable while Brazilian defenders (Luis especially) where pins on the field unable to contain the conte...
If Napoli has serious thought about winning the league for the next year it needs to get a real goalkeeper because the Sanctis is a joke and a better defender b...
Aronica when he was Napoli's defender cost his team thanks to less than clever defending style so many defeat and now that he's a palermo player is just as bad ...
Awful game by Udinese that orphan of Di Natale always plays like a lower division team. Birkic is not a goalie but a liability and so is Danilo for the defence....
Terry aside when acts erratically he's first class defender and an assets in the attack phase. I wish my team had a Terry
Congrats to Inter anyway, great game all heart
Muller pass to Robben was a lamp of genius. Even after this defeat I still strongly believe Bayern is going to be this year Championship League's winner.
Di natale the one and only!!
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