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4 years ago
Peteko gave the Arsenal v Sunderland video a rating of 1
I wanted Barca to win this one, but honestly I think they rode their luck tonight.
Peteko gave the Manchester City v Barcelona video a rating of 4
Peteko is now friends with Mad93
Stoke 3 - Suarez 2 :-) But seriously, Suarez is the best player in the world at the moment. The penalty was soft to say the least, but I doubt Stoke could eve...
Disgusted by the refs, Hart and Pellegrini. Granted the English goalkeeper had a superb game today, but he behaved like a little d#ck prompting the annulment o...
Peteko nominated L. Suárez (15') for Goal of the Week
What a goalkeeper Krul is.
Sascha Riether really? Kicking and stamping on a player when he is down? I love a bit of physical aggression in the game but that is pure cowardice. I hope he g...
It took a few weeks since he left Everton to take Fergie's job, but it finally hit him: "WHAT DID I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!"
It took a few weeks since he left Everton to take Fergie's job, but it finally hit him: "WHAT DID I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!"
I bet there is a Yaya in the other foot.
Except for the first one. It would have been if had gone in with the first try.
30 shots from City. I wonder if it was on purpose that they did not play well in the FA final. They got rid of Mancini. Players-power in action?
5 years ago
Not sure what Zabaleta and Kompany were complaining about. It was a stupid tackle that may have cost City the award. Not that they deserved it at any rate.
The result was harsh. The game was pretty much balanced, with Newcastle seeming more anxious to do something. But if you don't score, what's the use. Three str...
It was a penalty from what I saw.
Since he stopped scoring, Torres is now loved and worshiped by defenders all over the world.
It was not for fame or money. He just wanted to lick and kick balls.
What they were saying in Chinese was: Watch out for that banana peel.
I predict a great year for Balotelli. The guy wants to prove himself.
Shitty goals. I don't get the Scots.
What make you think they can't. Usually those who stride brilliantly towards the finals are those who fall down. Just like Italy scrapped the 1982 World Cup wh...
Some Real fans did not like the red card either. It is sweeter when you win 11 to 11. Just look at the "lucky" votes. It is not just about winning. You'd want s...
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