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Lmao oh go crawl back to your Barcelona forum, pointless comment
2 years ago
You know its bad when you lose to f*****g liverpool
Look what pedro did
Well if city gets de bruyne (f**k city by the way) then i hope we can aquire pogba it will be a kick to their nuts
Id be more concerned if we lost in mid season form than now.
This cup is so rigged lol this has to be the worst Argentina side in a while, messi continues to prove that he is just a club player. Sad day in south america e...
Guys I'm torn apart that Peru got eliminated today but I can't help to think chile is getting ahelping hand around this tournent
He he has had a horrible tournament, I still don't see the reason we have him to be honest
Cech brings a champions league medal with him to arsenal, that's as close as they are gonna get to one
I think you are hoping for a miracle that wont happen sorry he is done.
CHELSEA61 all that is just excuses, the same he made with torres, be realistic
If anyone has been paying attention to the Copa America, Ive seen Falcao play 3 games... and nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why we have him is beyond me.
Im infantry in the united states marine corps im sure your life is fine lol
Everytime i watch neymar i dislike him even more, he just dives all the time, he should have been off
3 years ago
Ahhh yes this is the best part of winning, the saltyness
Di maria has similar stats to coutinho...
Coutinho being in here is joke
Well when you bang in 20 goals in the league at his age with spurs, its pretty hard to see why Kane wouldnt win it
Has anyone seen the recent arsenal tv video up top? its hilarious! and im glad hazard won he totally deserved it!
4 years ago
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