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Ahhh what a great day... Man city drop points, Barcelona lose a cup final, and we have a chance to win the premier league and champions league. What a day!
2 days ago
Are you really trying to say that the littlest contact of demechiles on the tip of his foot can take down suarez? thats like a mouse tapping him lol and on komp...
3 days ago
I've been critical of oscar since we bought him
5 days ago
Yeah we played an awful game but we won and thats good, pulling off a win away at swansea while playing bad is good. everyone needs to chill out
Calm down dude, yeah it wasn't a great game but we won thats what matters. calling our players idiot isn't gonna make them better
Lo arsenal are going to lose the finals in the fa cup i can feel it
6 days ago
1 week ago
Oh yea deuces barca! haha
I want Bayern
Young got a 5 year extension...
Ill be rooting for you guys tomorrow. beat bayern!
Not trolling or anything but that was a stupid comment
Lampard on the back please
I read the article, disgusting behavior from the french
I think id rather see man city lift the trophy than suarez lol
Bye bye colin
2 weeks ago
Its not that the team is a failure, its more like why? why are we playing bad at the moment. why now? we should be beating paris we are so much better than them...
Wheres milan at?
The way we have been playing, its hard to be positive.
If only magic wasn't cup tied ughhh this is so frustrating, how do we go from top of the league playing well on all competitions to this...
1 month ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
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