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Swerving like a motherfuckin arsenal!!!!!!
7 years ago
Did drogba just did that???? i think he just goin to far!!!!!!! dat wuz sick as missile......
Two sides all the time baby, just like Man-u is a team full of whites......jk.jk.jk
Ah really hotttt shot by drogba!!!!!!!
Ibra's like the Lebron james of soocer!!!!!! i can see liverpool going back on top if they had Ibra!!!!!
Barca is all team effort, but ibra's one man army s'all im sayin. nobody in barca can score such a goal so f**k the whole barca family 4life............
Eto'o still got it f**k barca 4life!!!!!!!
Yah but ibra's is meaner
Ibra is such a beast my type of role model..... f**k barca 4life!!!!!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Sergio ramos is the man we need, when real- M took Carvalho antelope should have required SERGIO...... f**k CHELSEA FOR IT AINT EASY BEING GREEDY, BUT THEY ARE ...
Ferera wow what a playa.....;)
Liking teams sucks!!!! now im gonna seat back and watch what it do.........
Drogba does behave n still no respct for him from you suckers, so go on mario do your thing it's your life, career, direct your own movie boo.....
Yeh baloteli the main man main....
Look at all the stuff he writes about hating Mario, now think of all the hates he keeps in his heart, his daddy never had good sex with his mom when they were ...
This is chelsea's wall page, and thank you for ur support, im just tryimg to give y'all a good reason to hate since you first hated with no reason you dumb bi...
Redarmy gooffaceclown lookin like motherfucker, you like the soft goody gooody teams like Man-U, Barca, and Arsenal you prolly think you have a chance in my pre...
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