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Demichelis gets a new deal rather than Milner, not shocking at all.
4 months ago
We had way more corners in the Barcelona match..... As much as I Rate Silva, he's been horrible at his corners lately.
5 months ago
We could try the formation we should of tried in the first place: ......Hart...... Zaba...Komp....Mangala...Kolo .........Fernandinho......... Nasri...Milner......
Still can't believe how stubborn Pelle is against Barcelona..... the way we set up for that game was quiet embarrassing. Against Liverpool,
Where the hell is Fernandinho?....... we are beng out played in the f*****g midfield again????, why the hell are we playing 4-4-2?.
Messi.... "I'm back City", back where?
Wow..... I wish him luck today.
He could play even though we're in the champions league?.
Shunning Jovetic out for a striker that haven't even start a match for us, is very poor management. Pelle always makes the wrong team selections, I hope this si...
It really is sad to see an off form Nasri coming straight in the starting line up after his injury, leaving Milner on the bench once more against Hull. These ty...
Navas needs to start working on his footballing intelligence as a pro........ I saw him did the same thing three times in a row, players know his every move whi...
6 months ago
Fernando has been shockingly poor these past weeks...... he plays with no confidence and lacks concentration way too often. Mangala has heavily disturb the bala...
Its really sad seeing professional footballers of this team can't even take a decent corner, and actually find someone in the box. It really isn't that hard, su...
Thoughts on Arsenal game: Its definitely a must win, but playing Arsenal always feel personal sometimes, such an unpredictable match. We must take our chances, ...
Come on @Tomikato you know there the best African team in the world..... presently on paper, they should be doing way better than this too. Yaya hasn't achieve ...
This is why City will always be a competitive team, it was also clever and slick. This move will also keep Dzeko and Jovetic on their toes.
How many f*****g corners and set pieces we need to score one, really disappointing.
Way too much missed placed passes today?.
When the hell is Mangala going to learn basic defending?
7 months ago
He was also the best player on the field today.
Peppa updated their profile
11 months ago
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