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Postiga still playing huh?
I love this thread :P
Pelike1988 just Watched
Everyone is praising Bale. What about the WH goalie? He was awesoome!!
Im sure it felt like grand final for Celtics
It's good to see Ronaldo and Higuain assist each other
Neymar doesnt only scores...he creates chances
It's like Brazil vs Irak's goalie
Viva Portugal!!
RVp was gonna take his shirt off..after scoring hat-trick. Then he was like "May be..later on"
True..i like arab ones better. CAnt understand except.."Ya Allah" part when they score goals...but exhilarating!!
Valencia so deserves that "7"
Commentator: Refering to RAfael "He's done more attacking than he's done defending"... I say best defense is best attack :P
Commentator: "ooh..Czech remembers how to attack.." lmao
Anyone has the link for better highlights?
I admire the commentators. They are french but showed the same passion when Swedes scored!! hehe Football is indeed universal passion !! :P
Same here...i was surprised towards the end of the see that RVP was actually in the
Amen. Except that he got injured a lot :)
Pepe was awesome!!! He could read the movement of the ball.
Nani made some world-class passes/crosses.
Love the colors in the stadium. Yellow and Blue...both team. Anyway..Sheva was awesome..
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