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Tharius. Shut up
7 years ago
I certainly hope madrid doesnt catch up to barca. one smashed trophy will be plenty
Knock your Baby teeth out you missed a word there, skip. my grandmother could come over and hold on to the trophy if you would like.
This was one of the greatest matches ive ever seen. the come from behind by spurs was phenominal. well done to arsenal also just need to keep the intensity up n...
Congradulations to Real Madrid on winning the trophy. And putting it right back down again. Beautiful work boys
Your brother probably would make a better captain I wasnt a good one anyway
@classics96... Who the hell do you think you are? Just cause your on some ok team doesn't mean you can brag about something you know nothing about.
Nice pic dude
Ya..ask frickin anybody and theyve seen it...wtf is he talking about
How unique, Even if it did take you all night perry i still thought it was funny.
Perry, you have fouled him before, ive seen it.
Did you really just call me a bad soccer player? compared to you i am pretty terrible..i will never be able to get down the art of defending the way you do.....
Why shouldn't I?
Wow. how original. bet that took you all night to think up, didn't it? just because you don't even know what an academy team actually is...
"yo, dude" if i were you, I wouldn't be talking. just because you're so bad you can't even FOUL me, doesn't mean i "flop". and when did schreffler ever say it w...
Hahahahahahaha, good one. Thats funny perry.
Haha i dont really wonder what league their "academy" team was playing in...but if i had to guess i would go with the TBL (Toilet Bowl League)
And dont ever wear a classics shirt to a cv practice again
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