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Fabregas had a boner , no doubt
6 years ago
2 trophies in 20 minutes of play... must be some type of record.. hehehhe damn wenger... you can see people like nasri + fabregas + arshavin had had enough ther...
Arsenal suck
HULKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK is the gun of all guns = you can keep Ronaldo. i'll have HULK on my team anytime
Messi is the clutch king, while ronaldo looks for glory but does not find it in the big games. mourihno is a pig and marcelo + pepe are dirty as hell. On paper ...
Im saying it - fabregas has played his best games already - just like kaka, so i wouldnt worry about it - id buy hulk + falcao what a dream team
Man city - will challenge
Embarassing really - are these men? just gets worse every year - over paid pansies trying to get each other sent off - yawn
Madrids defense is dirty + yes, barca roll around like a bunch of pansies. the end
Hahahhahaha barton is a tosser - what can you expect from a low class fool
TORESS - bahahahha the bionic failure
I'm sure he was worried of your criticism while pounding international models on his yacht.
Over paid bloated balotelli, totti was a gun when he stomped on that pompous tool
Yeah he's hot looking
I thought it was zidane, :P
Ronaldo vs (insert team here)
Hahahaha, hmmm, wtf,, , hahaha, get half a sniff of a life douche
Hahaha, haahhaha, hmmm, hahaha funny
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