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:D I got a film when Błaszczykowski was getting hired by Borussia: trolling Germans since year 972
4 years ago
Why the .... Robert didn't score against England at Wembley when he had clear chance, and in Borussia he scores everytime. Why why why. 40 years after win in Ch...
5 years ago
Yay! Two goalkeepers from my country! I think it's the first time two Polish players played against each other in the Premiership... Anyway Boruc should have st...
Sorry we forgot that we have a roof lol
Prestige match with our ally tomorrow :D. Hope it will be like in June 1973 in Chorzów :D OMG if we don't draw our emigration in the UK will die of shame. P....
06:07 Kurwa...
06:07 f**k!/Kurwa!
Overall...pff thanks
Spain is unstoppable but Italy didn't deserve THAT kind of punishment :(
Hi Pauls35, Please refrain from bringing up political agendas on the site, and lets keep it to football and enjoy discussions regarding the same. Have a good ...
6 years ago
No s**t really?
After the last penalty Drogba gave Cech the lightest hug eva!
Anyway the Old Lady is back on track!
Hitler must be turning in his grave - Polish striker scores hat-trick in Berlin during the DFB-Pokal Final...
Oh that's a good one! " a much smaller group of people..." ...legally elected :D Ok it's footytube so let's end this discussion.
Not at all...just historically experienced :D See you on EURO2012 :P
To all Real Madrid fans: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Hate Germans but they're gonna kick Chelsea's butt.
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