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Real? When did they win the CHL? There are still three other teams better than Real, Barca , Bayern an Borussia. Any of these teams would destroy Real.
5 years ago
I think Borussia's 3rd goal is totally offside
You are just a scam young lady....if you guys really want to make money, you contact me. I have guarantee information about the outcome of some football matches...
This information is 100% real, bet all your money on this score
Next game 1-1, Malaga goes through....100%
You are 100% right, he stole it from Messi....
Dani of the match!!!
Before the 94 world cup a lot of ppl thought the same thing as you, but Brazil won it and against Italy on PK's. Don't ever underestimate Brazil my friend.
This is the worst Brazil I ever remember, yet they managed to keep a 31 year record that Italy doesn't win since the wonderful 1982 game when Italy won 3-2........
Why mu fans hate on barcelona so much????even today there is no barca game you still have to judge a barca player....hahaha I know the reason....2009 and 2011
Messi again and again and again and again 18 games in a those chips are beypnd amazing this one today and the one agains Depor. Messi....u ...
Bravo Meha....gol i bukur!!!
Nothing is for sure or certain in life my friend. By using your logic I would say that Messi's streak of scoring in the last 16 games in La Liga will surely gua...
Bigger than Pepe??lol
U see what I am talking about??? Another wise MU
Ok, I respect your logic, but a Barca fan can also say that even when Messi is at his worst day he still scores, while Ronaldo gives his best performance as you...
Yes the Chelsea fans did talk about it but they got over with it no matter the circumstances, smth MU fans talk trash in every Barca's defeat(a much larger prop...
The reason I wrote it was because, beside RM fans who have a right to brag about this victory, I see a lot of MU fans talking trash about Barca. There must be a...
For MU fans in case they forget these years 2009, 2011
I feel sorry for MU fans. If there is a group of fans that should shut their mouths about Barca is MU fans. This Barca team did not win just 2 finals, they won ...
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