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No problemo bro.. to cool vote for my rival~ haha tomorrow its our day~!!!
6 years ago
Oh s**t sorry it was a mistake
Err.. r we rival because both of us hate MU..? lol
Tak aa.. aq orng selatan..haha selamat bro~
7 years ago
Terengganu. ang orang utara ka?
Terengganu. ang orang utara ka?
Weh, ang mesia duk mana..?
@thecrowrip i start to love him aftr i watch that.. should i date with him..? haha
Hahaha u guys really make my day~ :D
Lmao awesome song :) don't go out of my head
Hye! nice to meet u here.. this song is specially for you..:)
Anyone know, why balotelli didnt come to homecoming party..?
Owh.. n then what BAMF n DB stand for..?
We are no friends, it's time to change this city mate, 2 cool votes for youuu
Ok, im prefer to ask u guy rather than mr google n prof wiki.. super cup for what..? isnt it was match between 1st n second team in league..? why man city vs ma...
Cheers my friend! :)
Wow.. we just different on goal scored with chelsea others were same 71 33 69 9 8 21 38 Chelsea 71 33 60 9 8 21 38 Manchester City
Mr wiki said, it would be share
U means,it divided into half..? lol yeah i hope so... he deserved it better than anyone else~
If teves n berbatov hv same goal score, both of them will get golden boot...?
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