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3 weeks ago
Khedira cost now is 12 million....and di maria...i am sure they will sell to chelsea.....because of king carlos past in chelsea....and di maria can wish to play...
4 weeks ago
Just for some thoughts.....why we dont sell mikel, torres and ramires and get khedira and their places????....3 foreigh players and sign pr...
1 month ago
Really??? why you support chelsea then?....and how come greece didnt deserve it??
2 months ago
The article was on there is no such prove that you get that money.....dream on!!!!
3 months ago
What goes around comes around .....they say great night in Istanbul 2005 ....Milan was winning 3-0 half time....then Liverpool out of nowhere ....3-3....then wi...
4 months ago
You're off status
I have been ban for 2 months now....i think is unfair and i want my account back
Just for the record, I've warned you twice in quick succession for trolling, first Barca then Madrid. Please be a reasonable and productive user. This is not th...
5 months ago
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First time i see a barca fan give somebody a warning...i didnt insult anybody...just said about defense....why you are here by the way.....go to your forum....a...
Ok guys...there is no problem at all....and real madrid and barca has super need to happy!!! as for chelsea....yes we have 23 goals ...
Yes that's what i mean....exactly....there is no chemistry in reals defense!!!
I said last time...barca and madrid are very weak in defenses....and some barca fans...did not like it....look now how easy sevilla score
Now the case is close.....officially!!!!!!!!!!!dream on barca fans!!!!
Give me the link where he said it....officially and i will apologize!!!
Dont forget that sacchi was a shoe salesman....nothing what so ever about football.....and check what he create!!!
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