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He would never fight me. he would grab my junk then fall to the ground holding his face.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Everyone is bitching about how he needs to stay. i personally think we should cash in. he played his ass of this season and i love him but i dont really see him...
Did anyone see drogba pull essien's pants down? drogba is so good...but kinda a flaming homo.
Lol coming from another arsenal fan
We beat you guys....hahahahahahaha
We will have the best midfield in the EPL with song, wilshire,and arteta next season.
With a few quality signings and the new contract with RVP...arsenal are for sure title contenders next season. walcott could be f****n phenomenal next season if...
Messi railed a few lines of yola before the match...
Haha dude i knew him from using hoffenheim too! they were so fun to use
Luis suarez is the man!
Walcot you useless peace off sheeeeet
Arsenal...please cash out and buy HULK
The ivory coast golie looks like tupac
8 years ago
FIFA should seriously consider some form of video review when it comes to important decisions or they should start fining or suspending players caught diving. F...
Nasri needs to make a comeback!
Getafe is sponsored by burger king?! thats hella funny.
You look hot
He sucks. cant really understand him
Dude...what the f**k
Yesss fred54! come back and post highlights.
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