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Charlie is a good player. He should play more. Walker is our best right back. But he should get some rest every once in a while. Every player must get some rest...
6 years ago
First of all i want to say that i believe that we weren't at our best. But i also believe that there is no team in the world that is always performing well. I b...
Great performance. We won controlled the hole game. Every one had a good game. Great to see Sandro back in a good form. I know that it's not easy but if we can ...
Let's not forget that we had a goal disallowed in Chelsea game that was not offside. And that was a clear goal. And that was a "six points game". Imagine the ta...
I agree with Magneto, a player can't perform after being out for 4 months (unless his name is Ledley King :) ) Gallas is not a dab a defender but i believe he ...
To those that are talking about the game last year. First of all, am not so sure the ball did cross the line. Second,even if it did,it really wasn't so obvious,...
NandoTorres is obviously blind. So please don't comment
He was injured in the start of the season for 2 months and then he was not playing because VDV was playing better with Crouch. Am defiantly not saying Crouch is...
To ss. I don't know what you don't like about the comment "We love defoe because he loves the club and because he is a good player and a good finisher. But he i...
It was a sort of speech. I meant no disrespect. You have the right to have any opinion you want. I hope that Ade will prove you that your are wrong about him an...
We love defoe because he loves the club and because he is a good player and a good finisher. But he is not a great finisher and not a great player. He was our t...
They both miss a lot of chances but Adebayor is much more important for the team. He is working very very hard for the team and there is no question that he is ...
I don't care if Kane was going to play. I am not saying that Pav or Piennar should play. All am saying is that players that are on the bench should play in game...
He had at least 4 clear chances. He scored 1!! I don't know if you are satisfied but i am not. Of course he was in the right position. But he is playing in a te...
You can't say he is a decent if he can play only if everyone else is out injured. And am not saying that these players had to play if we weren't winning. But we...
I am wondering we many people want defoe to play in the first team in front of rafa. If rafa had half the chances defoe he was going to score at least 3. Am not...
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