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Palswim gave the West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal video a rating of 1
3 years ago
Palswim gave the West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal video a rating of 1
4 years ago
5 years ago
Thanks for the link!
6 years ago
Hm; I don't browse with my window at over 900 pixels, and I had no way of seeing this until I used a browser with a window larger than 1000 pixels. Unfortunate ...
On a related note, why have I seen something similar to the old intro video (metallic football) for some of the videos but for others I see the stadium-zooming ...
8 years ago
I agree that you shouldn't lock critical topics. We still need discussion on those and locking those makes the site appear controlling and afraid of criticism....
The Best Moments of 2009... Stripped of All Context
Is there any way to tone down the push to subscribe to PRO? I don't even consider signing up any more; rather, I just frantically rush to find the "Skip This" ...
Oh man, won't somebody give us a better highlight package?
Why is the 11-minute video at 3 stars? It's fairly good quality, even if the match itself was perhaps a 2-star Barca performance.
I never click on the news videos, but I have occasionally found matches that I wanted to find in the "Most Recent Matches" section. Sure, I'd prefer having onl...
On topic, I too dislike that sound. A mute button might work, but sometimes I come to this site and I'm not logged in anymore, so if the site stored the settin...
This is the second topic I've visited on this site and on both, someone posted a criticism and the admins then jumped on that person and mocked him. No wonder ...
I come to footytube to watch footy video. This new redesign has expanded the number of matches with video coverage, but the quality of the selection of videos ...
9 years ago
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