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Nice to see Fletcher back on the field!
4 years ago
It was a pretty bad gash....
7 years ago
Well, sucks to be an arsenal fan. And to give him credit, Nasri's free kick was nasty.
It was a dive, he didn't go down with the contact, he went down after it. Stop lying to yourself.
As he should have, I never said that a manager getting mad is a bad thing. Part of the job, if a ref makes a bad call let them here it. Everybody does get ba...
Lucky penalty, that's up to the line judge to call, Webb was too far away to call it, so he shouldn't call it at all. Listen, in today's game, you're going t...
Not good today. WBA were better to put it simply. Morrison's strike was pure class. Neville should have been sent off, it was a STUPID challenge, he's the lu...
Because Fletcher is a solid player. He's nice and calm on the ball, has a good head, and tackles well, he's no Xavi but he's good. I agree with you though in...
Good game from united, all around. Hope they keep it up.
8 years ago
Bug off Its embarrassing for the united fan base. I would have gone down just like Bellamy. Even if not in pain, just to protect myself. Notice the beer bott...
Great game for united. Props to Rooney for an oustanding four goal performance. As big a critic as I have been for Nani, I give him props for an outstanding ...
I disagree, Valencia is much more consistant, one of the most consistant players for United, Nani's good, had a great game, Valencia has just played better.
Its not bias, its the rule, no injury to the head, so play on. The so-called "clearance" landed at Nani's feet 24 yards out, that a scoring chance, you don't pl...
Lolz, haha a ref isn't supposed to stop a game for injury unless the injury is to the head, so there's that. Yeah maybe it should have been a penalty, calls get...
Not terrible, not great, but not terrible. United did alright, kept a good amount of possesion, they need to put them some in the net though. Kuzscak (sp?) i...
I agree and disagree. 1 up front in my opinion is like playing for a tie. It gives Rooney no support. However, I don't think Owen's the man for the job. I say a...
I would argue against you Trinisk. Agreed with Naija, off game, and not even a terrible one.
People still act like Ronaldo made Manchester United. Were United in 1st place all year last year? No,last time I checked, the season doesn't end in January, an...
Well said
Congrats Leeds,a well earned win. Leeds were simply better today, not much else, Torreselnino, glad to see you enjoy 7th place. It also shows how much ...
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