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If a spainsh team goes to the final for some shityy reason then its gonna be spain vs italy 2012 euro cup final again...
So how did marcelo play??
I really like that banner ryan giggs tearing you apart since 1981
Hey hey hey hey na na na na hey hey hey GOOD BYE!!
So who is this new torres guy?? he looks like he played good
Should have kept walcott because they needed his speed for counter attack and his skill for set pieces and set pieces and counter attack were the only weakness ...
Sooo was I the only man fan that got bored of this match and watched the liverpool game instead??
I got bored of watching man u's game so i watched this match intead....
Run your mouth when you can cuz i dont think you will have the balls to comment after the sunday's match
I agree with that but if you watched the full game they just didnt have that spark like they did vs. norwich
He means they dominated by possession but they just couldnt find our weak spot until that red card...
Lol now i know why sneijder left but he went to the wrong club.....
Ronney was left out of the starting XI even though hes been in a great form and amazing in big games throught the season. SAF is a genius, a master mind and a l...
Only thing left to say is that the better team should have won
I love the part where u mension man u fans
Carlos tevez: making keepers and defenders look retarded since 2009
Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TTqQ1ULUPE
It would suck if chelsea buys him and then becomes the new torres
And this tuesday is GONNA BE A HELL OF A MATCH!!!
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