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Hey you guys think Andy Gray likes Steven Gerrard? I can't tell. Podolski needs more minutes, a genuine run in the side. He can finish.
Otownballer just Watched
Otownballer just Watched
Otownballer just Watched
Otownballer just Watched
Otownballer just Watched
Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey together cost less than Gareth Bale. Funny that.
Well done, Valencia. Much respect. That was a fantastic fight. Neymar and Messi appear to be forging a great understanding. Barca's attacking trident will slay...
It's nice to see Arsenal not reeling in the opening weeks of the season, like a boxer on the ropes, from the loss of one or two of their best players. The squad...
Let's hope so! Ramsey and Rosicky could both be wonderful this year if they enjoy a solid run of games, and no injuries. Fingers crossed!
Greetings Barcelona fans, congratulations on the Liga title and good luck getting to 100 points for the season. Hope the team can do it. What do you all think ...
5 years ago
I've just finished watching these silly Japanese highlights. The last time I watched an Arsenal team celebrate on the field post-game, like they did today, was ...
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Paolo Di Canio's political ideology may be strange, to put it mildly, but I have to say I admire his standards of personal conduct and professionalism. It would...
Good luck in the Europa Leage MattJosh! EDIT: Why is a Chelsea fan fighting a Tottenham fan's battle?
Michael Laudrup is cool. Well spoken and a good manager. I liked hearing his comments at the end of the highlights.
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I don't want Cesc Fabregas back at Arsenal. Some, in fact many, might disagree with me and that's fine, it's an usual idea. Cazorla and a healthy Rosicky are su...
Poor David Villa. I do feel for the guy. Broken leg last year, never quite got up to speed this year. Barcelona so desperately needed someone other than Messi t...
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That's certainly a nice gesture, and never happens in any other major European league that I'm aware of, but indeed it was but 1 percent of the total debt. Like...
This is what happens when you field a broken excuse for a defense and leave your World Player of the Year on the bench against a strong, fit, organized team tha...
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Re: 3) Vieira-Petit for 1997-1998 Arsenal probably comes close. Re: 4) How many Arsenal players move, even to clubs that they really want to move to, and end u...
Re: 2) I have a theory about Howard Webb. The man is built like a bodybuilder, and I remember reading somewhere that he was a police officer in another life. I ...
Outstanding work, thank you!
Awesome semi final, back and forth, love the comeback from Real Madrid. I actually think Real would be better off if Mourinho stays and they continue with what ...
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It's interesting how Sid Lowe will wax lyrical about eras ending and cycles dying when Barcelona lose, but doesn't even come close to the same lofty rhetoric wh...
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