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Tomikato wrote in On Osfp7s wall
Chill mate. Don't blame the site. If you could as much as understand that you cannot troll you will do just fine. You can enjoy the site like hundreds of others...
Because that is the first thing everyone will notice when they see my picture, the score i couldnt for instance have a pic like that if i wanted to troll http...
And then go onto the Chelsea match page a criticize the way play is just plain trolling, given they are 2 offences pretty close to each other you are going on s...
Dude, You go into the United forum with a 2-0 score as your display picture, then try to make a joke while they are down. Not cool. I am not here to take your...
Im all up for fun man don't get me wrong but you gotta admit that was bad timing. United is having a nightmare season while playing some of the ugliest and most...
Bad luck schalke lost 6-1 to madrid next game against bayern :/
Fist get rid of kolo "lol you wanted experience? i'll give you some" toure then get a world class cb. Thats a priority me thinks
Also if your friends are pana fans tell them that we are going to be as gentle and caring as a mother to its child on sundday
You are a pretty cool guy after all, disregard my post on the man u thread ps i like man u post was for a bit of fun, chill
Japanese people cant really lighten up can they? :) ps desu desu desu
^ that would be hurtful if it didn't come from a citizen of a buffer state @Barracuda actually mate my intentions were noble, just to have a laugh and staff, ...
Hey listen man, its not cool that you're kicking a dead horse while its down. That's Manchester United, a dead horse, but its a team i f*****g love. But i also ...
Hi Osfp7, Since you have pledged not to troll the United forum, here are your own words to remind you: "oh i'm sorry paulie for hurting your feelings and you...
This post is exclusively made for my new pals from canada http://s28.postimg.org/u24kz2rj1/1779201_955079867865563_793190396_n.jpg cheers mates!
^ i know right ? oh i'm sorry paulie for hurting your feelings and your buddy :( you have a truly devasted person typing this words did not understand that ...
Moar liek "Out of all the English teams we THOUGHT we had the easiest game" amirite?
How to dribble like Chris Smalling http://www.frequency.com/video/how-to-dribble-like-chris-smalling/152486393/-/5-595647 paying homage to a world class playe...
Calm your tits down boy
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