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I think Moyes is finally starting to see which players he should be relying on. Better substitutions this time around. Smalling was having a negative impact on ...
The way Moyes has us playing now, there's no way we're gonna win against you guys. That's some beautiful soccer.
If we can't get Thiago to sign, what makes people think we can pull Fabregas?.
Proves nothing, just shows him in a plane that could one of any.
5 years ago
@Karthik24 I still back him, I'm still a united supportor. I'm just saying Mourinho has more credibility than Moyes, and our new manager will be in for a fight....
To be honest, Mourinho's appointment as Chelsea's manager fills me with trepidation. Moyes doesn't look to be as good as him. That said, Moyes never had the res...
I love Scholes and Giggs but putting them both on is a guarantee that there will be no midfield cover for the defense.
Yeah Lindegaard is playing badly but for the last three goals it's all starting from the midfield. Scholes and Giggs don't have the legs to harass the young Wes...
The great thing about soccer is that overall, on average, technique beats physical strength every time.
Now that we've won the title and our work is done for the year, we'll play the young blood.
Now that we've won the title and our work is done for the year, we'll play the young blood.
It won't end for a while...
Suarez may not be worth Liverpool's reputation. His actions have only been getting worse. Inevitably he's going to cross the line. The question I would ask my s...
Kagawa is gonna tear it up once he get's a full preseason in...
The good I'm gonna take away from this game is that this squad is more than capable of playing with the big boys. Up until the red we comfortable and playing th...
At this point, Giggs is playing on prestige mode.
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