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Real madrid got a pretty easy match i must say xD
1 week ago
2 of them were easy esp the one created by silva. If he is a world class striker, he should you put them to bed. dont you think?
Because 2 of those 3 teams have the most stubborn manager in the history of football;)
Woah woah hello barca fans I never said pep needed to park the bus. all i questioning his tactics in a game like monaco which is the measure cause of failure in...
He is on the road to wrestlemania believe that!!
Only probably neymar had a such sort of figures in this age
Pep's fault aside, why none blamed augero? this guy missed 3 back to back chance in the second half? can you imagine lewa or huiguian or suarez missing those ma...
Eh Big boy league? thats why your 3rd best team in the league lost to an epl side who is fighting for the relegation battle:P
With all due respect to moaco, First of all dont compare monaco's attack (minus falcao) with MSN. You cant ridicule defensive tactics by giving an example of ...
Their best chance at winning the title is if they manage to avoid bayern and real madrid until the grand final at cardiff. because i cant see them beating any...
I have been watching football for last 10 years. i have noticed that italians managers are your best bet if any team wants to win titles. 1st they are tactical...
If someone insult your parents or lets say your friend do you just sit and laugh??? Like it or not, sanchez is paid by arsenal he has no right to laugh at his ...
2 weeks ago
@Danipak yep i read your comment you clearly think protesting is a bad idea when its not. History suggest that the Big leaders won their right by march a huge p...
@Bazinga first read my comment carefully. i was mentioning the year when they had napoli (when they had cavani), dortmund in the same group. that was group of d...
If ramos were to play for stoke under tony pullis ,he would use him as a striker
I think you could score 4 against psg but i doubt you would keep a cleansheet.
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