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Ofc giroud will get selected for france squad. We are actually talking about his place in the starting 11. If he stays at arsenal and sit most of the season on ...
10 months ago
Heart attack usually comes to people who are unfit and fatty. i cant believe it! RIP tiote:(
11 months ago
It seems you guys still use IE lol these are nothing but 3rd party tracking sites. Use avast Safezone!!
1 year ago
Workout does not make you run faster, someone give this guy some sense!
I thik he is trying to debate us on who is better football player griezmann or kane ryt now?
@jeron lol
Franky, the funny thing about your post was that you kept saying i don't want to indulge in this crappy comparison but you stil went on and on.... lol Compariso...
Yep messi has scored more than ronaldo in la liga but those 8 goals ronaldo has scored against bayern and atletico is worth more than like 15 goals scored by me...
Fully agreed with vaaz. In last 2 years messi has let himself down on many occasion. Where as ronaldo has constantly taken his graph higher during this time. Hi...
I feel sorry for robben sometimes. He has suffered so many injuries throughout his career. If only he would have played 2 or 3 season back to back without getti...
If i were a manager and had an option to choose one from messi and ronaldo i would choose ronaldo simply because Goals win you matches and there is no denying t...
I repeat if we get 10 points of 12 we would finish in top 4 no matter what we do in europha league.
Clubs with NO away win against the current Top 12: ARSENAL Burnley Hull City Middlesbrough Stoke City
^same to you
It can be both manager and him. There are players who always give 200% when they play for their country because it is their pride. When they play for club they ...
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