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Zizou45 but who are the expected take revenge from?? refereeing FC?? lol ofc RM! this is what a good team do that is take revenge!!
1 week ago
Dont you think the best way to develop a rivalry is to beat the hell of out your opponent?!! exactly what germany did to brazil in the world cup semi final or w...
Lets not get kid ourselves. I know barca is a strong but they are up against italian defense who has got world cup winners. they are experienced. dont forget if...
I said that because he hates referee!! i am sure he must be watching yesterdays' match while giving his trademark sarcastic smile after seeing refs performance ...
On what planet were you watching that match? certainly it was not the earth! lol
Calm down mate lol
Lol in the same way you could say ronaldo helped you win the tie alone but that does not suit because we all know who actually did:P
Imagine mourinho being the manager of bayern side who got robbed last night by victor kasai! lol
Valencvia dont even have 0.50% skills of what robben have lol All he is good at is shooting at opponents defender!! lmao
I know ref makes mistake soetimes it goes against you sometimes not. but the amount of mistakes in a single match make me think that something is definitely wro...
Not only he ruined the outcome of the match but also ruined which was truning out to be the best tie of ucl this season. Until vidal's red card bayern were firi...
Nobody can deny that 11 vs 11 bayern were a dominating side and could have Knocked RM out of ucl. RM is a strong side no doubt but they are not better than bay...
You mean drinkwater? no thanks lol
2 weeks ago
DrogbaLampard you are so sexy;) xD
Now where is threkstari, cloudst, zilch who always told you that AW is the right man. gave you thousands of reasons to believe in him. sometimes they would even...
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