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Cpatel8810 (Chintan P.) from Austin, USA
Cryptex (Towhidul Islam) from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Diceyice (Faizan Rahman) India
Dilwik (Andika) Indonesia
Arsenal and
Dinie90 (Dinie Haiqal)
Emmetwb (Emmet Whelan Byrne)
Typical uni student, that spends weekdays workin/studyin and weekends steamin at random club after a good old arsenal game ofcourse!
Fabregasm (Eustinius Raudissius)
ForHenry (Saad)
Gooner94 (Kathleen Buik)
GoonerZain (Zain Ul Abideen)
Gregmaverick (Aravind) from Philadelphia, USA
Arsenal and
Groundup (Blaze) from Chicago, USA
Not rude at all. Just stating my opinion
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