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Ok this is shitm farewell mates. And zilch, dont forget to study haha
4 hours ago
Buy the whole team. Lets do the 2nd french revolution baby.
Final year project of axonopus compressus. Tropical turfgrass currently being used in our national stadium. The previous ones were utter craps
Well singapore is a bloody small country mate, you can go from anywhere in singapore to almost anywhere in singapore in less than an hour outside of the peak ho...
Lucky you, try doing turf related field works on bloody hot day of 34C, while fasting for ramadhan. Im taking showers 3-4 times a day to keep it cool
Turan is real, the rest of the story could be bullshit haha
Gnabry is a damn rock solid player with the ability to hold two stoke players. That's something you cant say to most of our players
Well at least we can judge him properly now in the premier league. As he will be playing in the cold wet night of stoke, all day
2 days ago
I really love the hate you guys have towards real madrid. Much like us back with cesc saga. Spanish teams can be total c***s when it comes to transfers.
4 days ago
To have a legend moving out especially to close rival after winning the league and that damn champions league is hard. We know dem feels when our golden boys we...
I've been saying this since the past 8 years. We need 10 years to pay the damn debt of 600m. And that is 40m out of our transfer budget for 10 years minus the 2...
Holy s**t it's on arsenal.com. pop dem champagnes bitches
He should not and will never be associated with bergkamp once he stepped his foot out of emirates. And you guys should ship his ass off somewhere else and get a...
6 days ago
Instead of buying their players, we should go for the scout teams. they have eyes on huge talents and most of them are english. getting them would be awesome
1 week ago
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