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Football is not his job, it's his hobby. And old people are good with hobbies
1 week ago
Hate to say this but hell yeah united and pool are the best team to represent Epl. Blue teams arent that good tbh regardless of which shade they are. #saviouro...
2 weeks ago
Cant even win the game with 12vs10 for almost 90mins. #englandsaviour #everyoneagainstchelsea #therestofeplareshitandchelseaarethesaviour Bahahahhahaha
Lol so much for being the saviour of Epl. Chelsea fan after monaco game, "arsenal and city are piss poor in ucl so it will be us as usual to save the name of ...
Hard to agree on that statement mate but I do feel like people will agree on the statement of chicarito being a better striker than falcao
3 weeks ago
Do I need to remind you which club he played before he went to city? He was a rising star, talented striker there too. And still pretty s**t now in Epl
It was really one hell of a game. Not sure why did you take that as trolling
Probably enjoying the money he got from betting against united. That's how he rolls
Even milking 50m from RM wont do the justice of selling your best player in the club. United will be midtable without him, that's how good he is
That's how good SAF was.
I urge people to to drop the hype from any serie a. Look at their top scorers. Bunch of old players. Tevez, luca toni, natale etc. this league is too slow. Loo...
Good to see most of the united fans are cool before, during and after the game. It was us against them and they were cool, unlike those jerk ass fans from the b...
Should've ended the game with cazorla or sanchez goal but there's David the damn wall in their goal, everytime. Every damn time. Nervous as hell throughout the ...
God damn i really hate/love DDG. Hate him for playing in united shirt😝. Absolutely love him as a football fan. A true world class player
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