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I sink this is a boring game with both teams having zero motive of winning the game as this season has wrapped up quite a long time ago.
15 hours ago
You just discard the word "just" in your statement. What more can we ask for than a beautiful game and all 3 points. Lol
1 day ago
Https://www.facebook.com/Arsenal/photos/pcb.10153050092397713/10153050091422713/?type=1 the original big f*****g german.
Arsenal 437-436 chelsea
This has to be the most over-rated game in this season as all of us know that this season belongs to you guys regardless of the result tonight. i'm just glad th...
It has been released since thursday in Malaysia. go and watch them. too good to miss
It's hard to whack crocs while canoeing and fishing during the weekend and manage the club at the same time. zilch is good but he wont be able to do both at the...
Yep. It was awesome. But shhhhh. Dont spoil the details. Others will be mad haha
2 days ago
Nah that was just a small part of the movie. It wont spoil much of the plot. It's a good movie tho.
OT: the helicarrier didnt crash in the latest marvel movie. big achievement for them. lol
3 days ago
He should. i want to know about his perspective on his players. rvp. cesc. theo etc. the real story from the man himself. that will be great.
Captain america is almost 100 years old and still sexy as hell. there is hope guys.
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