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5 years ago
"Detonates with extreme prejudice"? Am I hearing this right?
Buffon's not even top 5, let alone number 1!
On current form I'd probably put him top 2 (Jumping Neuer who's slipped a little since last year) @Mt1234 who's your top ten then?
Friedel is a great keeper, and has been solid for Tottenham the last two years! There's no denying Lloris is spectacular, and will do great things when he gets ...
@SoccerISfootbal The stats at the end of the game said that Tottenham actually had 52% possession to United's 48% I think a point each would've been the faires...
I would love to see that, especially with more playing time for Giovinco! He is a great player!
6 years ago
Refer to my epic rant a couple of comments above this
You have to give credit where it's due though, Buffon did great with both Torres' chances. The first one, goalie coming out with pace, forward coming in with pa...
They're both brilliant and both arrogant, and this isn't meant to be an argument or anything, more food for thought... But I honestly think if Messi didn't play...
Ronaldo's faster, and a lot better in the air. Stronger too.
You're a clown.
Torres (career) App: 414. Goals: 173 (91 in Primera Division, 82 in EPL) Fabregas (career) App: 309. Goals: 61. Not hating on Cesc because I think he's a good p...
We get it... Torres hasn't scored in a while. Very clever.
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