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6 years ago
Chelsea was barely in this game. newcastle was the much better team. if N.C keep their players n manager, they can be in the top 4 next year
I want tottenham n newcastle in cl. wats the point of arsenal in it? they wont get thru any good teams in knockout round
Good gameee. wat an ending to the season its gonna be. newcastle vs city is gonna be interesting the most. united will have a hard time against sunderland
Great game. cudve had soo many more goals. i still cant believe T. Vermalen: he stopped a goal from going in, then missed an open net.
De Gea shows his class again. I can't believe ppl were saying he sux at the beginin of the season, certainly not me, i just said waitt a bit. VALENCIAAAAAAA is...
Soo many PENs. All Genoa had done to prepare for this game was diving.
MADRID KILLED IT, or shud i say ronaldooo killed ittt 2 goals, 2 assists. couldve hadd evenn moreee. they just couldnt deal with him. Delight to watch
AMAZING GAME, EPICCNESS. BEAUTIFUL DRAWWW Both teams need better, more mature defenders. If dortmund wanna be successful in europe nxt season, we gotta buy some...
I don't understand how people are proud of milan. I am personally very disappointed. They were defending pretty much the whole game, although it was some very g...
Niceee job BOGDANNN wooowww, amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
Great defending by chelsea. Benefica werent at their best, certainly when it came to creating chances. I still think its 50/50 in terms of who will go thru, 1 g...
Barca's arrogant?? wat? loooool do not agree with that at alll. they have the most humble ppl on the team. think about all the main ppl, xavi iniesta puyol mess...
Good for arsenal. they have to keep such a form throughout the season to win titles tho.
I disagree n i am a barca fan. madrid plays nice football...
The last 10 mins of this game was EPIIIIIIIIIIIIC i still dont get why ozil was sent off, even if he was talking smack, a straight red??
U know wat suxxx, i watched the first half, then i went out to go play footie with my friends, i was thinking barca won this, its done...i missed 6 goals in the...
A few portuguese, no doubt, the coach is one, maybe thats why. only 1 regular german starter, ozil who is their best play maker. Crucial to rm dominance this y...
Most ppl consider goals as the only highlight of the game, which i dnt understand
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