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Gamba O! wtf! um, new tactics might be good. stop this mucking about and get your futbol skills together and start winning matches. this is pathetic form. we ar...
6 years ago
Gamba Osaka, what are you doing? Do we need to get that Brazilian coach out of here? Something must change, don't practice insanity.
Who ever got ramos' second yellow, this is why i want to beat the shyte out of pathetic futbol players. get the dramatic throwing yourself BS out to the sport. ...
@soniqcfc... it was more of a speculation than a judgement. usually if i miss a match, that's when i read what you all who've watched think about it. it is only...
To do what?
Yeah, but City will be playing for pride to keep up to manU atop the table and with heart after their losses. we're riding high on a wave. let's keep our wits a...
Short term memory loss
Chelsea slump due to many factors. glad to see him score too, though
Both maybe
3 hours before you posted this. Rafael(on earliest page) said the same thing verbatim. Verbatim! granted, it's funny, and merited, however... wtf
What do you offer?
I know, right. so much goes on to the build up or fizzle out. and that is why the world loves futbol so much. that and you only need a ball to play, for fun
Seriously, top shelf
I just vomited a little in my mouth
I don't think there are enough "lol" in your comments. here and below
Did you see sturridge on the flank wanting torres to pass it? then he does... to miereles. haha sturridge. no but seriously, sturridge can play, but he's not...
Hahahahahaha... don't hate on the highlights. there were some spectacular goals. marshall and kalou both had great goals, marshall's was something special thoug...
Missed the match, just saw highlights. WHAT! Both Leicester's goals kicked ass. glad for the win, but i agree about the keeper, he blew it, if he extends he mig...
J-league starts this weekend. go gamba osaka! it's hard for me sometimes to catch the games because of the time difference. when i remember the date of the mat...
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