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That's a good point, its something you could never fault Beckham about. His passion has always been there and this is something you just don't see from a lot of...
8 years ago
Ah yes, i see what you guys mean. Sure that makes more sense i suppose and it wouldn't change the game as much as i thought initially.
You're probably right there, good managers do make a team at the end of the day. I still don't understand why Benitez has come under so much pressure though, su...
I think James is still there. Robinson is a close second although he, just like James, can be very inconsistent. After watching Ben Foster in the United line up...
Hahaha, thats funny. i think Shay Given is class, but best goal keeper? not quite.
I actually think Torres is one of their best signings. Despite some of his injures (which player doesn't get injured?) they have utilized his potential well and...
Liverpool are a great team, there is no doubt about that (you just have to look at their history and players) but it has to be said that they have always been a...
At first when i thought about this, i assumed it wouldn't be a great idea because it would change the game so much. Think about all the last-gasp goals that hav...
Coming from England you can see why many people think Beckham is over-rated, but i don't think this is particularly true. He has had a lot of stick over the pas...
Thats quite an interesting idea i would have to say. Perhaps this would take over from the fact that goal-line technology is being tested? It would be nice to s...
Some key players will be interesting to watch out for such as Dempsey and Donovan. Certainly it will be good to see how they fare in the group stages and possib...
I agree with this. Ronaldo does like to be in the spotlight a lot but his comments should not affect such a high class player such as Rooney. No doubt it is a n...
What makes most (but not all classics) is a history between the two clubs involved. A big scoreline is not necessarily required or even that many cards and pena...
Ronaldo, sometimes he can make himself look bad. He's not exactly the most humble player in the world. I think its too much of a big step for Real Madrid, espec...
Some pretty solid predictions i would say. I'd agree with all the teams you picked out to win but maybe Ukraine might take it if they went to extra time! I thin...
It has to be made clear that Ronaldo doesn't affect the amount the goals being conceded by Real Madrid. Casillas will let in a few goals now and then because he...
AC played very well against Real Madrid so this would suggest that they have what it takes to compete well in Europe still. However, there were some mistake mad...
Definitely agree with that, im sure the fans would have had enough of their team doing average because after a while they need to up their own ranks and pull so...
Besides the fact that im a United supporter, i love to watch Arsenal play. Their great team play and upcoming talents (as they say every year) are sure to win t...
Potentially, you have Rafa Benitez http://www.anfield-online.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/rafa-press.JPG and Omid Djalili (Comedian) http://blogs.mirror.co...
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