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I havent seen a defence this bad since secondary school
6 years ago
Lol...I bet it hurts to see Mexicans celebrate on American Soil. viva Mehico. the border Obama, let the amigos
@Adnan Messi. you are such a dumb motherfucker. Adebayor is a good striker. did u even watch the game?
7 years ago
Crouch basically turned this game from Good to bad with two retarded tackles. he didnt need to do any of that. it wasnt even in totehams half of the field.
Cause they whooped yalls ass?..ha lmao smh
Rooneys goal should be the goal of the week. that was a classic strike.
Dumb fool..u guys cant even beat everton, let alone win the CL
Gattuso is such a 'son of a Bitch' he is going to rott in
Ooh yeah...another bastard that does not know anything about football. calling rooney a moron.
Shut dissappointed in you a Man u fan talking this crap about Nani, he gives his all for his team, that why he made sure that ball landed in the net. so...
I see all this reatrds and idiots dissing on Nani. he was there to make sure no defender got rid of the ball. if he had left it and a defender cleared it, Im su...
The fact that ozil scored one little freekick does not make him worth anything close to ronaldo. he is worth 100 million, and btw diving is a part of the game, ...
I meant to hate it...Beckham did. ronaldo
I think we need to buy gary Bale to help boost our Midfield.
This journalists are like vultures, i'll shoot one if i get a chance. like common stfu, mind ur f'in business.
Yes I Agreed with you. I think they played a way much better game than Chelsea. they were unlucky.
Hey primz...just cause they got only 1 point point dont mean they dont deserve it more than Korea, Nigeria played way better than the koreans, its just ill luck...
This is the most disappointing game for Nigeria.
8 years ago
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