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Ok, first off, the U.S. was missing players as well. The back line was an experimental one; Spector was sitting out and Carlos Bocanegra was the only experienc...
The second Panamanian goal was fantastic.
Nice compilation. Like the song choice.
7 years ago
Sporting KC...sounds so much better than Kansas City Wizards.
Well then, if they only sing when they're winning, they probably sing most of the season. Quit being a sore loser.
He's not gay. He just wants to win badly enough that he's ready to fondle as many penises as he needs to get the W.
I hope spurs beat them to it. They've got to get rid of Gomez.
Seriously i thought everyone hated the black eyed peas. Unacceptable.
Looks like Wolves are back and in good form. Excellent execution on the freekick...but what I'm really excited for is ManU v Newcastle. Really hoping the Reds...
Wow chelsea's defense was such shite hernandez was able to score by kicking himself in the face with the ball
Excellent soundeffects/commentary lol
No usa v algeria goal? booo.
Wow. I did not expect that to be a good game at all, but what a goal from Santos. Perfect header...this one really could've gone either way. Of course, the g...
Both teams performed poorly, with an even poorer attitude. Just for the record, this sort of play will inevitably continue until video replay is in use for Wor...
You really hate to see this happen to any team, but I have to admit, Spain definitely deserved the win. David Villa is ON FIRE.
Donovan and Buddle are holding it down in LA...headed straight for a championship.
The Union is starting to look better and better...can't wait to see Henry in New York though.
Use the instant replay you f*****g retards. f**k Fifa. And while you're at it, quit hiring people from places no one's ever heard of. Problem solved.
Are you seriously gonna get mad about the Dutch diving? The Brazilians do the same thing every time they get the chance.
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