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Just the same way these Everton beat United around this time of last season to give City chance of meeting up and eventually winning the league. Now it's good t...
Evra raised his hand to shake Suarez but Suarez ignored him and went ahead to shake De Gea, the next person. Evra tried to drag Suarez hand back to catch the at...
6 years ago
Footylover, I wrote s**t here before having read your previous comments but the maturity in me kept troubling me. Try to be mature likewise... There is nothing ...
I really dont like making comments here 'cause peolple are too sentimental and biased when it comes to man united thing. So many silly decisions have been made ...
Was thinking of the team to tip for the second place and Arsenal came to my mind but some chelsea fans would always object and keep reminding me that Arsenal is...
7 years ago
What can this Liverpool do against Chelsea....MAGIC?
8 years ago
Arsenal, not yet ready for the title.. Man city will not take it easy with them....
Thank you Spurs.........
SHAHPEYMAN007... thanx for talking and imputting sense into the heads of those critisizing Berba. You got it right and I agree with you 100%. Berba is the Unit...
Bayern only twice lucky.... Bad officiating.... Upon all United never crashed out shamefully. They won one courtesy of our defence carelessness and we won one ...
Why would Wenger give such excuses. Needs to strenghten his squad. He's been paid for coaching job.:( Lost to Chelsea woefully as well as Man Utd, Now Barca. He...
When Ronaldo was in United team you critics said the same, calling United a one man team. When he left you expected that United would not perform this season. T...
Is VALDE that good at saving Penalties. He reacted to Fabrigas goal as if he could have easily saved it. Puyol not lucky like they rubbed Chelsea being denied s...
ROONEY4CAPTAIN knew why he believes the match was fixed. No, it wasnt fixed but United players were a little careless for the 2 bayern goals. Gary shouldnt have...
It's pretty good in this order. Let it finish so.
AC Milan, dont f**k up this time. This season really smiles at you in the serie A thing..
Ballack, the coconut head said chelsea would win four trophies this season. Football is not played in the mouth. Chelsea lost to Morinho, not inter per-se. Like...
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