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I hate so say it... but unless this season's winners have a much worse record than usual, i can't see us coming back and winning the prem... We must look to the...
4 years ago
Hey whats up with this new greek defender we just got???? Is he any good? like is he a worthy replacement to Agger? Hopefully the experience he has helps us out...
Just watched the highlights of the Stoke game!!! Wow we were on another level there! I think we couldv'e beaten any team the way we were playing there! Every si...
Agger is waaaay better though!!! Did you say he's out for 2 months???? wft??? we're screwed!
I think the pressure will be too much for liverpool to allow themselves to lose. They really do have to win otherwise they'll have lost the premiership already....
Dissapointing start to the season... Personally i think we're missing something in the midfield not only because we no longer have alonso but because gerrard is...
Good game today! It sent chills down my spine seein all those stars together, it finally hit how fearsome that front line is... Good luck against Gerrard and To...
Here's the real test today boys!! can we be any good without our complete first team?!?! Idk myself it's a little iffy but i'd say we'll pull one off for the op...
I'd rather have lennon or young though! They'd come cheap enough and be deadly i'd think
I'm saying 2-1... I really hope we get out of this preseason funk and get our groove on cause a good start to the season is exactly what we need
What would you guys think of us singing Bojan Kirkic? I think he's amazing and he wouldn't be too expensive the only question is whether or not Barca would be w...
Where was ibra last night? Is he injured or has he just not joined the tour yet?
We were never gonna get villa that was a fairy tale, and ya I agree about aquilani i dont think rafa would've bought him if he didn't know what he was getting. ...
Ya what do you think? Any chance of affording silva? I mean cmon... we're Liverpool! Surely we can muster up more than the 30 mil we got for Xabi... Where is al...
Stay away from david silva boys... he's ours!
Wait we got aquilani?? no way... what about silva?? what about villa??? I thought aquilani would be a fallback...
Do you think that we really have a chance of getting villa?? I really hope so but i had thought that he said no way to a move outside of spain... :( God if we g...
I agree we really need another star in the midfield I wouldn't be comfortable trusting Lee to Xabi's spot especially when we'll have all that money to bring in ...
I thought next season rafa had decided to keep gerrard up front as a striker with torres??
I'd say we're the best set up to win the league title this year. Us an Chelsea. Man U has lost two huuuuge players in Tevez and Ronaldo so I'd say they might be...
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