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Yes but too much rotation will distablise the team unless if we were having frequent midweek matches which will happen next season.
1 day ago
From Conte's interview you can see that Kante plays more as CM/B2B . that's why conte says he was kante to improve on his forward pass than doing more of sidewa...
3 days ago
We can't buy those 3 players at once its impossible . 3 of them will demand starting games which will be impossible . Sanchez and greizman will be nice.
All the losses Liverpool suffered this season is against small teams so take note.
1 week ago
The disallowed goal was a clear foul from berahino on Azpi. Correct decision. The penalty was a joke , there is no way the player will meet the ball and Cahil i...
Its a pity you keep struggling when you should be finishing the season on high. what is the problem with the team? there is no midweek anymore and still they ke...
Every fanbase is whining. Even coaches are whining too so I don't see anything wrong with it. I agree with Naija on the true meaning of whining. If I'm defendin...
No Naija we got lukaku from Anderlecht, its KDB and Courtois we got from either of them.
Lol you will get confused by their names. Genk has been pulling result recently. Went to Gent and beat them 5-2 in the first leg. Genk eliminates Gent who earl...
Well I was reading somewhere it says that Chelsea didn't win title for 50yrs and its difficult to bridge that gap from mid table to been champion so all thanks ...
Leicester will have a chance if they can be drawn against Ath Madrid, Monaco, Dortmund or even Juve. That's my opinion tho.
After Uefa changed the rules what I read on it is that if a team wins CL and finished outside top 4 , that team must finish in top 10 to be able to defend it an...
You guys have said it all. All this hatred started after he left. I mean why can't he move on and remain the special one he is for us? Taking a dig at the club ...
OK I missed the abuse. He should know that when engaged in a confrontation with Conte fans will be at conte side. Although it doesn't need to be abused but he s...
I didn't see any abuse unless some dick fans. Also Jose should understand that fans have to support current manager at any cost just like he is protecting Unite...
I have said it many times . don't force someone to agree with you. I congratulated barca for great come back but it doesn't mean the game was fair enough. There...
2 weeks ago
PSG is the biggest bottlers . don't bring up crappy Luck . they deserves to go through . we went to barca with one goal and was down to 10 men in the first half...
There is no way they will win this game, Liverpool always turn up against the top 6 teams this season.
3 weeks ago
Cant believe you guys didnt see sarcastic there.
2 years ago
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