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A lot of people is confused about our position if we draw against Porto and Kiev win against Tel viv, let make it clear, if we draw and Kiev win then all will b...
12 hours ago
I haven't seen where its said Emenalo signed Pappy for jose or imposed Pappy to Jose, after we signed Pappy Jose said that its his friend that recommend Zouma t...
2 days ago
Thanks for the info mate. u guys can still grind out win .
4 days ago
I have not been following your team news but i want to ask if you guys have some injuries ahead of today match? the odd given to United is so big.
Some players needs to be put your arms round their neck and encourage them to bring the best out of them , this is something i think Mou is not good at, he pref...
1 week ago
For the first time i agree on every single word you wrote. Jose may hide behind giving Zouma chances just like he always bringing up given Varane chances as a t...
I feel pity for some of our fans that still hope we can go on straight 10-15 winning. i saw it right from the opening match. a lot of mess to be cleaned up.
You can blame Emenalo for Salah,cuadrado and others but isnt Jose spent the whole summer telling everyone that he will bring old Falcao back even when we havent...
The admin needs a hard spanking.
I removed my cap for you C61, thats a battle won.
I admire some of you guys trying to let justice done to no avail, why not we fans in this footytube buy it from owner, it may sound weird but if its possible i ...
2 weeks ago
@Eeegay you trying to play smart not knowing your membership date shows in your profile. but i understand you mean Chelsea was founded in 2004.jk on a more ser...
Lol if prayer won matches i dont think any team needs training rather go to church/mosque or any other place of worship and pray all week then enter the pitch a...
Mate try to watch Costa very well, instead of focusing on scoring rather he will prefer to pick fights and always dives which will make ref not to give legitima...
Guys when you join some of troll fans here you will become one, you can celebrate a rival teams loss but not to make fun of them, i saw similar post on their fo...
Imagine we have been s**t since season started then November will be worst.
The easy definition of the match is that we kept possession for failed to create clear chances, passing the ball around there box as if we are leading 4-0 is so...
He was first choice because he is good to be, every club has its first choice, i havent see where a second choice keeper is better than first choice unless if t...
At the end of today JM may find himself at the garbage dump.
One person out of five have shown respect, four more people waiting.
1 year ago
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