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Why didnt this report come up during the transfer window? just a bullshit rumor, some journalist just looking for something to write, Oscar is a complete no 10 ...
Wasn't Ath Madrid banned from signing players until summer of 2017?
1 day ago
@Bluff we didnt play 2 DM against Palace, its Mikel and Cesc in pivot.
The 3 midfield against Man U will look like this Matic Mikel Zouma just to keep un-beating run going with another draw.
Well said mate, i guess after City he will run to Juve to have it easier to him to win domestic titles without any much challenge. comparing SAF to Pep is laugh...
2 days ago
I dont know why also most fans are panic, if Pep want a challenge why didnt he took over another team that needs so much work to be done to be chanpion? he alwa...
Why didnt the new manager going to decide Ivanovic one year extension? they should have also allowed the new manager the chance to decide on Ivanovic contract, ...
4 days ago
Terry told his agent to call the club to find out why contract is delaying. and the best way is to tell his agent on phone that he wont be getting new contract ...
@Naija you are confusing yourself with your post, i asked you a question if Terry was responsible for Azpi playing LB. why sign Luis when Ivanovic was their ...
I will tell you where those gloom and doom coming from. a legend that served the club for good 21yrs and the best way to tell him that his contract wont be ren...
And who told you Terry was the reason Azpi was playing LB?
I have feeling that even Ivanovic will be allowed to leave this summer for few million pounds rather than allowing him to leave for free, thats the meaning of t...
You talked as if Ivonavic has pace, when putting him in central role that is where it will hurt us more because if striker get past him. its a goal. Ivanovic s...
I dont care if Terry using walking stick to play every week than seeing Ivanovic been messed up by any skillful pacy winger, and the club decide to offer him ne...
5 days ago
Why no Begovic? its unacceptable to keep him on the bench against MK Dons.
The biggest mistake of Jose was believeing in a dead weight Falcao and telling us he will bring him back, falcao wasted a chance that would have given to one of...
I think they know they cant sign anyone during the summer or next winter thats why they want Costa now and they cant let go of Griezmann either. but this new Co...
I hope he can pass from the back and not butting the ball to the throwing like Zouma, we need a confident defender.
1 week ago
Its not all this players you mentioned above will make it to first team, look at even Arsenal that was known for bringing through academy players and tell me ho...
They want Stoke to offer him an improve contract by linking him with Chelsea job. its obvious Agents make use of this chance to get their client new improve con...
1 year ago
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