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He seems like a red card candidate in every match.
5 days ago
I think he should play safe and let others score because its a team work, many times he has chance to release the ball but he try unnecessary driblings and lost...
1 week ago
Well said mate, i agree everyone has right to make his opinion but i have seen many times @nija have cross the line here, he always attack @Zilch many times her...
If every player player keep apologizing then there will never be a card.
This is the longest thread i have seen here, i enjoyed the conversation.
Tottenham > Overrated Everton> Underrated.
2 weeks ago
It will be insane to fire sell all our loan players to buy Messi, every club has loan system that works perfect for them, ours works perfectly for us and we sho...
I know that Willian doesnt offer much going forward but his hard work on that right side makes up for it, the reason why Hazard still has a lot of enrgy going f...
4 weeks ago
If we buy Rues i do say, lets push Ivanovice into center back to partner Cahil and play Luis and Cesar in their natural positions.
1 month ago
Lol @no one told Sergio Aguero
Feel sad watching our fans become quiet like we are down by 5 goals in a cup final. didnt they have some coffee at halftime?
I think unless they played 1-1 draw in their last game in Rome and on same points then GD will come in.
Its rather head to head that counts if you are on same points, they just have to beat city and cska moscow to advance.
What about the speed of the play? that may also confuse linesman if he fails to keep up with the pace:)
Well Mikel on the bench to close games out with his experience, its nice that we have a player with so much potential like Ake, he will be very important to us ...
I will take Hilario over Valdes.
2 months ago
8 months ago
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