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Karma is a bitch, Mou accused and insulted our doctors for exposing his team for counter attack against Swansea by treating Hazard and taking him out of pitch f...
18 hours ago
That black kit is bad luck to Chelsea. remember when we didnt win a single game in a season wearing that kit including losing to QPR that resulted in JT racist ...
1 week ago
C61 is right, playing Willian beside Matic will do us a lot of good, he can press for ball very well and starts counter with his speed, if we can sign player l...
2 weeks ago
Since he sulks at RB he better be shift to center or go to bench, he is not a RW and couldnt take someone position just because he is Mou favorite. when we play...
That is what happen if you became stuborn to see what we have been saying, Ivanovic should be moved to center because all teams have found him to be our most we...
Mou was angry at medical team last week for letting his team play with 9 players for few seconds because pf danger of counter attack, well this time i think he ...
We will never see the two on our bench, he just says not for the whole season so that the media will back off from the story.
Or just a back up to Azpi because Ivanovic is Mou favorite.
You cant play mata + cesc in this our current team because they are useless without ball and offers nothing in counter attack which is our main strength.
We need both to be successful but Mou is so boring whenever he opened his mouth.
Mou always deflect attention from himself and blame someone else. he got it wrong this time, sometimes shutting his mouth would have been the best way but he al...
No way, we should give Zouma more chance at center back. we have Kalas and other quality CB that can take over that spot. no Panic buy.
Are you telling me that our medical staff will run to the pitch without approval from the ref? Mou is wrong to blame them they are only responding to the ref de...
3 weeks ago
It remind me of Man United match against Swansea last season when they are sure of beating them.
1 month ago
Isn't Pogba earlier linked to Chelsea by selecting his favorite team with Chelsea and selecting himself in the midfield with lampard?
Even if we buy Baba he will still sit on bench, i am with Teo and Bluff on this one, Ivanovic should not be untouchable.
I hope Jose shows fairness to all strikers and not any favor to one person, Remy deserves more play time , he has one of the best stats last season.
That lineup looks good but Mou always like his No 10 to press for the ball which Cesc doesnt do, if you watch closely last season whenever cesc is played behind...
Not week but days, Chelsea dont negotiate deals with big clubs for so long, once the clause is there , we activate it and seal the deal. thats what is gonna ha...
1 year ago
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