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Thats life.
3 days ago
"@Obinocarlo ur comment ".....and we better not lose fans to United " " dude check who make that post, i was responding to the original post from @Gapha above,...
4 days ago
You are confusing yourself so i have to also ask you to get real, this is where i pick up my point.... "Keep The Blue Flag Flying High.....and we better not l...
5 days ago
I agree with you on everything , but on your last point i dont care if we loss fans to United , if some fans jump to United coz of Mou then they better prepare ...
6 days ago
Well Jose`s greatest enemy is himself, he says this and does another, last season failure was totally his fault, he will come on pre-match press conference and ...
1 week ago
I think you are not wrong. i also want a new center back that has pace if we were to play high line.
2 weeks ago
Full blame should go to Begovic, that is ridiculous tipping, a better keeper would have tip that ball to corner but he messed up., but the result doesnt matter ...
Nvm he is trolling Real Madrid and PSG.
I think he can dress in a training track suit and come out at the end of the game to appreciate the fans and make his final speech.
3 weeks ago
@Aaron thanks for the info, @Kokm1 i dont think its a good thing to do, fan loves Terry but sometimes its time to part ways because if new coach thinks playing ...
Why wouldnt him feature in our last home match?as far as i know second yellow card will only miss one match unless it comes with violence conduct with additiona...
Agreed, but why dont we give credit to Sunderland rather?
I am happy Guss wont be our manager beyong this season, i cant stand this Mikel-Matic pair.
Sorry mate i didnt follow his team selection in all other clubs but the truth is Mou doesnt have time to promote youths, those chelsea players you mentioned wer...
Arsenal doesnt need to beat them, if they can hold City to draw while you guys win all your games you will be fine.
You guys really need big favor from Arsenal but you cant really count on Wenger to bail you out unless his ass will be on fire if he losses. playing City on Sat...
Next season kit looks so dull for my liking, no spark on it. Adidas can do better.
I think fatigue played a part because i dont just see any hunger in them to score, Aguero was just useless outside the box and kept given away balls while Yaya ...
Mate take your mistake or leave it, you are not trying to cover your wrongs with another wrong, when you said "Now you know how it feels" and @Kgb112 defines w...
4 weeks ago
Your last sentence shows the kind of lousy and lazy bum fan you are, after watching yesterday game you singled out only Mikel while none of those goals we conce...
2 years ago
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