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Italy didn't need to win, they only need a draw to qualify and they got it.
8 years ago
Liverpool didn't play that poorly. Skrtel played great. Masc played pretty good except for his mistake. The passing was poor and Riera played like garbage. The ...
Sevilla dominated this match from the beginning. Benzema and Mecerlo were horrible. Kaka didn't do much. Zokora toyed with Madrid's midfield. Perotti and Navas ...
Sir Alex is a senile, classless, old fool. This guy lambasted the ref for not adding more stoppage time. Right...
He didn't play left winger. He played as a holding midfielder.
No, you didn't watch the game. First half was utter trash. Aurelio/Lucas as our midfielders? Be serious. If Rafa would have used the right tactics Fiorentina wo...
Liverpool lost because of Rafa's stupid tactics. Why the hell were our holding CMs Aurelio and Lucas? After 8 mins it was obvious we would lose or draw. Having ...
I missed about 12 mins of the game but here are my thoughts... It was a good performance but Hull's defense was beyond awful. Riera looked terrible at times. J...
It's hard to win when you are playing 12 vs 11. I wonder how much they paid that s**t ref. If Hughes wouldn't have changed his tactics when Valencia came it the...
That was one of the most one sided officiated games I have ever seen in my life. The foul on Richards that led to the 2nd Fletcher goal was beyond harsh. The fo...
I'm not sure what game you guys were watching but Liverpool dominated the match. I don't think it was a poor game at all. The ref awarded a stupid penalty. Carr...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Liverpool is so terrible at defending set pieces. I'm not sure about this but I think every Liverpool goal scored against has been either a set piece or a penal...
Who's the one making excuses? You clowns are full of excuses. Come May we will see just how many arsenal fans there really are, when you finish the season with ...
Enjoy it while it lasts. Arsenal won't even be in the Champions League next season.
I bet you'll be a Liverpool fan once they win the league. So if Barca, ARSEnal, or Juve ever play each other who will you root for? Let me guess, the winner?
Lucas most likely will go to the bench once Aquilani comes back, but he played well today (granted this was against a much weaker team). If Lucas can play like ...
The main difference between this game and others is that Lucas played well. If the holding midfielders do their job, everything will be fine. If Lucas plays con...
What the hell is Evra doing to Nani @ 11:48? Hmmmm...
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