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4 years ago
Oatbag just Watched
Good one!!
Gireaux with the civility FTW!
5 years ago
Gundogan nutmeg assist to Reus. Excellent.
So happy for hamit! his core skillset was always there, but I never quite 'got' him as a player. Hope he has a good tournament!
Why is it weiderfeller of all people the guy that shines against us? reus was swazi
Ribs was running around like crazy in the first half. He didn't do as much in off the flanks because he was double teamed, but I think he was great to float an...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Funny because that's clearly not true and written from a perspective that sounds entirely ignorant of who and what FCBayern is. Like funny because its such a st...
Juve fans complaining about refs not giving calls - its like they have no shame whatsoever. Maybe the bribe wasn't big enough this time?
Frankfurt is the neutral darling of the season. love to see bvb slipping
Was a great match all around. good for bayern fans, but even better for the neutral BuLi fan. this is going to be a really tight season.
I feel in love with Napoli and Cavani this year, and this game and Cavani's dive broke my heart.
6 years ago
Its his understanding oh how things play out. he's where he needs to be. lately his first touches are MUCH better and he's always had a great shot from the ed...
To be fair the napoli goals were well taken chances. For a team that was outclassed in the first 40, they did that old bitch and moan and sneak a goal italian ...
Also re: offsides rules (inter listen up) - its judged by any part of the body that can score. Arms don't count.
Word (but parents from naples)
Hey blacknblue - how's the season going for you? I feel like falsely blaming the ref's hasn't been the best strategy.
Cannot wait for the game. I wish Napoli all the best for the scudetto (sp?) and that they beat Merc City for 2nd spot in CL group, but everyone gets a rough be...
I love the maturity/patience in that play for schweini's goal! CLASSIC Bayern/Schweini goal.
Yeah best of luck, really, I want to see good TEAMS out there. Which is why I don't mind Spain as much as I would if they weren't a single unit. But england s...
Right or wrong, I think rooney's history has a lot to do with it. He's red faced kicker like a childhood bully. he apparently can't help himself. I think the...
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