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Oakie just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
Oakie just Watched
Monaco Vs. Lille
I'm Romanian and I fully agree with you. I know how Romania plays and I know how Argentina plays and they definitely didn't step on the gas. The Romanians had s...
I've been wondering myself why there are no indirect free kicks anymore... that was definitely a weak penalty call. Draw was the fair result, but football just ...
Yup. shitty for Fiorentina
Up to this point of the season, I'd rank managers as follows: 1) Roberto Martinez 2) Arsene Wenger 3) Manuel Pellegrini 4) Pochettino 5) Brendan Rogers
Wenger - Classy, diplomatic, professional! Mourinho - arrogant, sneaky, attention whore
Everton with Martinez as manager will be fighting for a top 4 spot til the end of the season the way they've been playing. Can't wait to see the derby at the e...
Really poor refereeing there... took away from what could've been an otherwise great mid-table battle. Now Newcastle has some extra confidence ahead of meeting ...
What a sweet goal Hooper!
Bravo Maxim! He's got the talent! ...we'll see if he's got the work ethic to get and stay at the top.
So by that logic a mistake by a human is ok, but a mistake by another human is not ok....? lol
2008 was a Euro not World cup.
As talented as Suarez is, I would not like to have him at Arsenal. He just doesn't fit in. He's definitely more of a mugsmasher. Let's get a Diego Costa or som...
It was a good game overall. First half was very cagey. Only Gnabry and Ramsey showed some intent, but both teams kind of cancelled each other out. They both pla...
Are you trippin out mate?
You are the man Jackson! I was hoping to see the pundits and hear what they have to say now about Arsenal, but 10min hd highlights is good enough! :)
First goal - obstruction of the goalie could have been given. It really was a 50/50 goal in my opinion. Second goal - clear dive. The Milan player anticipated t...
Good fight from Chievo, but Napoli is too strong this year. As an Arsenal fan, I am quite worried... PS. What happened to Higuain's chin?
Congrats to Celtic! Always liked the team (love their jerseys really) and as the dude just below me said, I think it all started in the Larsson days. Good try ...
Granada should've had a penalty kick awarded at the end there. Defender was nowhere near the ball. Small teams always get screwed like this versus big teams... ...
Chamakh! 1st goal in a long while from the Maroccan
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