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How about the team that spend a lot of money but didn't win? useless team?
5 years ago
Hahaha,ManU how much more millions you want to spend?
Yeah Benzema was wasteful..he should go to Arsenal
6 years ago
His calmness in front of the goal,remind me of Henry...what a player!!
Team will win if everybody do their job well,from goalkeeper until striker. adding some crazy combo like messi n alves will will only brings good to the team
Ah shut up real madrid,go buy another EXPENSIVE star and keep losing to Barca
All top managers doesnt want to be England manager,SAF,AW,Daglish,Redknapp
Stupid lawrence83!!!!!!
Yeah...Mourinho know he can ONLY beat Barca by tackling Xavi,Messi and Iniesta...this is football,not wrestling!!!!!!!
Barca is the best doubt about it
Then tell me how he turned Henry to top world class striker??
7 years ago
You're right except about arsene i'm afraid
Its nice to see 'emo' fans to write nasty things about other teams but is this the main thing why we watch/play football?? the players are shacking their hand w...
Another Einstein..i will call Dalglish and said to you p**s**f
@sunindsky they excited when draw with top team??:)
P**s**f PeterGriffin hahahahaa
They are legend!!! but i really want to see if MU winning EPL this season,will AF keep them or start using their youth
Come from Carlo lol
Humble Lehmann!!!!
PES11 when stuck!!!haha
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