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Novascotian wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
A few minutes on youtube will show you it quite clearly hit his shoulder. no goal.
3 years ago
Hazard at fault for 2 goals... did not defend at all. Should have a lower ranking IMO.
4 years ago
What a legend this guy is
Agreed. it's a funny little clip, but hardly "journalism." how these coaches and players keep their cool in the face of such shite questioning is beyond me.
Wonderful article. if you ever get the chance to watch the EPSN documentary, i highly recommend it.
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Yep. And if the red card foul was marginally outside the box, then the play soon after where barca scored and had it called back for offside was just as dubious...
Aye. How goes it Halifax?
Mharis, i think you missed the reference
Somewhere on FootyTube
Sunderland loves beating Man City. The final could be a closer match than you think... or a 10-nil blowout.
Aspas is a big talent and just needs the time and opportunity to adjust to english football i think. watching him play in la liga and he's great. next season wi...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Good decision, and fair play to him for apologizing and accepting the punishment.
Two goals against Milan tonight. Might as well delete this article now...
Spoken like a true spurs fan, it was nearly a 50/50 ball in real time, players don't have the benefit of slow motion hi-def replays like you and i. lukaku is a ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Support barcelona and LOVE miroslav klose... but that's madness. he's a bit too old to strike for a top club like Barca
With respect, i bet they'd do the same thing against arsenal. they're just that good.
"never plays this well for chelsea" ?? he never plays AT ALL for chelsea!
Sturridge is playing great, but you're watching a different game if you don't think that goal was completely due to shelvey's error...
Agreed, play should have stopped
Arsenal should have offered Higuain the 40M that they tried to buy Suarez with. There's no one else on the market now. Best best is to hold tight and try to sta...
Just because the player wasn't hurt doesn't mean it's not a bad tackle. coming in studs up from behind is pretty dangerous. clearly a red!
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