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I really hope Bojan, Pedro, and Valdes don't make the squad. Living in Madrid probably has something to do with that, but seeing as how I'm an Atletico de Madri...
8 years ago
I mean the vast majority of Atleti supporters speak Spanish as a native language, so if you want to read their comments you'll have to go to AS or Marca's sites...
ATLETI!!!!!!!!! We're in 2 finals now. I agree Liverpool played well, and obviously deserved to win the match, but this is what happens when you don't get an aw...
Well technically we aren't buying Chamakh, so I have a feeling we'll get him and a goalkeeper and a defender.
Well technically we aren't buying Chamakh, so I have a feeling we'll get him and a goalkeeper and a defender.
Here's my opinion. Players to get rid of... Almunia and/or Fabianski-Neither is good enough to start for Arsenal. I'd be fine with Almuniaa as a back up k...
Its not like its a new occurrence this year or anything. We always get a lot of injuries, more because of the of the type of players we have than for the way te...
Spurs played well, but I think this finally ends the debate about the future of Arsenal and the need for change (not in management, but in personal). Almunia is...
Since the Chelsea defeat, I always thought we could afford to draw 1 game to win the title. We just did that. I always knew it would be a tough game away to Bir...
Give me a break man. That was a horrible attempted save. Almunia just doesn't cut it. He doesn't instill confidence in the team at all. All he had to do was put...
For me, when fit, both Drogba and Torres are better. Why?? They can create their own goal, Rooney can´t, at least not against a really good side. Don´t get me...
Obviously beating Man Utd is really important for Liverpool fans, but I´m sure they´d rather win the league. And maybe if Liverpool hadn´t beaten Man Utd in ...
They didn't play rubbish, but unlike vs. porto in midweek, they really missed fabregas today. Arshavin's finishing was woeful, save the goal.
Sam40, I suppose you want to trade Fabregas for Lucas as well???? Chelsea will win the title unfortunately.
His goal aside, Arshavin was pretty poor today...
I'll give you that Milan are better than Porto, but not by much. Pirlo and Ronaldinho are way past their prime, as are the vast majority of Milan's players. Pat...
I'd still prefer if Cesc stayed thank you very much hahaha
I never said Bendtner was any where as near as Ruud. Please, don't put words in my mouth. All I said was that they both tend to score goals created by other peo...
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