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4 years ago
I think any team in last eight will be happy to get Chelsea or Manchester United.
We were really lucky to win this one. They were playing awful until conceding the first goal; no urgency, giving away too many balls, no creativity and penetrat...
The better team won, plain and simple. I'll wait and see, but from the moment, Perez didn't go after a forward and started 100M pursuit of Bale, each day I thin...
He was awful. Based on current form and ignoring his transfer fee, he doesn't deserve to be in Madrid's starting eleven. I think that Madrid got worse as a team...
We should wait and see, but I am not impressed with Moyes at all, particularly in transfer market. It is obvious for a few seasons that ManU needs a creative an...
I don't remember trashing Barca ever! When Barca is playing against someone outside Spain, I even support Barca, but I never support fans that do not have any r...
5 years ago
Both Barca and Real looked fragile. I think the fitness level of German teams is the main factor that they dominated the games. They played with great energy, w...
No, I don't think Madrid is superior, but I think they have the edge if they face Barca because of your shaky defense and Real's counter attacking football. Ac...
It doesn't stop to amaze me how immature most Barca fans are. You had one excellent game and now you started to rant and brag about something you don't have any...
Arsene is really cheap and at the same time, stupid. Past is past. His time is over. He should have kept van Persie. He could have made the money they got for...
You definitely convinced me with your strong arguments: 1- "You must've never played the sport to say something so dumb." 2- "They deserved the win, any one di...
I don't know how people think Barcelona played rubbish and Celtic played awesome! If they were a little more lucky, Celtic had no chance to win. From when "park...
Somewhere on FootyTube
It's just speculation, but if they sign him, it will the first quality signing in last few years!
Iker Casillas saved two penalties and was an inch from saving Robben's penalty!!! Doesn't he deserve some recognitions?
6 years ago
A Real Madrid fan wants them to lose to Real Madrid not an average Chelsea! :-D
I hope Barcelona trash Chelsea next week.
So, we have five Spanish teams out of 8 semi-finalists in CL and EL!
Lee333, I don't know if you saw the whole first leg or not. I assume you did. In my opinion, Real could have been more than one goal up at the end of the first ...
When I say "I think", it is my opinion not a fact and I am entitled to my opinion. :-) Grow up kid!
Referee's bad decisions went both ways in my opinion. Lass could have seen the second yellow at the end of first half, Pepe's first challenge on Alexis was a pe...
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