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27 year old Male
- my clubs
- my fellow football brothers
Ppl who think the world revolves around 'em
Just for Fun (Defender) Clifordians FC
There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post..

..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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^UEFA cup/europa league co-eff pts
Juventus, Benfica, Galatasaray, BATE? or Juventus, Barcelona, Liverpool, Monaco? or Juventus, Bayern, Athletic, Anderlecht? i fancy the 1st one..gave us...
20 minutes ago
Pot 1 Real Madrid (holders) FC Barcelona Bayern Munich Chelsea Benfica Atletico Madrid Arsenal FC Porto Pot 2 Schalke 04 Borussia Dortmund Juventus PSG Shakhta...
23 minutes ago
And...the moment we've all been waiting for Who did u fancy to be paired with ur team? Who will make the Group of Death? Who will make the Group of No-One-Gi...
27 minutes ago
Ah finally...justice prevails... thank you Maribor. ..but pls make sure u don't subbed in ineligible player during that match ;p
Reminded me of Pawn Stars the nego session between Rick & customers not going to happen with the Old Man XD
1 day ago
No Jujex i'm not giving my middle finger to em regarding Jojo transfer alone... but to all those unending "crisis" between us and em..where most of the time Juv...
Now Jovetic looks to be an integral part to Man City this season...its looks more and more that our chances to sign him goes from slim to none (don't blame me, ...
2 days ago
Black is badass and im glad fans like us actually have some say towards the club decision keep up the protest Juventino
A sum of fine would be more fairer in my opinion its not like that 'ineligible' player scoring all those 6 goals for Legia surely, some of the blame goes to L...
5 days ago
Oldskool (not so..but still)
1 week ago
Balotelli dislike this
Gratz bro and make sure u snapped one or two pics. Bcoz we've yet to see our fans who attend Juve live game sharing some pics with us (the last who could do da...
Right now they would be one of the favorite candidate to make a return to Championship by the end of next season, that's for sure
A fined would've suited better than a kick out of the entire competition if my team was raped 6 goals to 1 it would be ashamed for em to still be in the compet...
2 weeks ago
I'm sure i'm not the only one but I'd feel glad for Pepe (our own version of Dirk Kuyt) after 2 action-less season now he's looked likely to be an integral par...
Wow...just wtf, i feel sorry for Legia corruption at its best Debrecen & Litex facing a similar situation back in 2010..yet Debrecen was not kicked out of UCL
UCL play-off round participant LEAGUE ROUTE Seeds Arsenal Porto Zenit Bayer Leverkusen Napoli Non-seeds Athletic Bilbao Lille Copenhagen Standard Liege Be...
3 former red devils there... in b4 capt obvious
We should start giving some combination nickname for em both The Swiss Lion Connection
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