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There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post..

..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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16 hours ago
Fun facts; The last & only time b4 Bayern scored 5 goals in the first half in UCL, was against Lille back in 2012 Lille manager at that time? Rudi Garcia
18 hours ago
@Spigy yeah, it happened. Last night ;0 ;)
22 hours ago
Who they gonna cry against this time..probably Juve fault too... ah nvm
23 hours ago
That result kinda gave Italy & Serie A a bad name...but after all those bad words coming from those camps & the entire world hurled out to our Juve for the past...
The Magnificent Seven Seventh Heaven Seven by Juventus Eleven whatever u gonna call it :D
John Terry is coming to Juve... ;)
5 days ago
Seriously i don't mind if Vidal injured while performing during Chile competitive match (World Cup q-round/Copa America, bcoz its an important thing to represen...
1 week ago
The new rules for qualifying rounds should be; Serbia should NOT be drawn with neighboring Balkan countries after the latest incident last night Ukraine shoul...
12,808 minus 1 (me) :p a stark contrast to Italy's 4730 fans, while Italy page still alive & kicking ass XD
The match could've ended like maybe 3-1 or 4-1 since Gio came on and the formation switching to maybe 3-4-1-2 with Gio as the trequartista, if not for the frust...
Chiellini stole most of the headlines against Azerbaijan..but i think the one underrated player was Giovinco impact-sub or super-sub whatever u want to called ...
Lol. Chiello with a "hat-trick" Pls, just kill this team now pls...
And unlike previous coaches Conte have a guts to pick who he think deserved to be call upon and axed who he think doesn't deserved the call-up Pelle for Balote...
And here comes the period of boring-ness a.k.a the International Break idk bout u guys but since Conte took over the national team coupled by some positive res...
Http:// Now this is interesting...
2 weeks ago
Anyone playing Borderlands here? then u should've said it in Marcus tone
Idk about u guys but i'd seems to be enjoying all the hatred we received esp on comment section we didn't received as many attention such as this b4 C...
Dat c**t Manolas...we all saw him pick on Morata the moment Morata came in well, prepare for the shitstorm incoming. Haters gonna hate
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