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There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post..

..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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Am i alone trying to be positive around here? i would not judge Allegri, yet, by a string of uninspiring result in friendlies..well to be honest..when the last...
4 hours ago
Btw there's no concrete news regarding Romulo? some site said he's "close" to Juve, some did report he's already a Juve player..
U all seems to forgot Bayern :D
2 days ago
Shakhtar has moved to Lviv(like the whole country distance from Donetsk) recently to camp there & play their home game in the upcoming season
6 days ago
@Spigy i think..this is just my opinion the way i see it..its not whether Immobile is better than Morata or vice-versa...but Immobile already speak out that he ...
Yeap, really dislike it when political unrest affecting football as a whole as for me myself i'd always enjoy watching Ukrainian teams in action (like metalist...
Wanted to post this on UCL thread but no one been there in a last few i'd post it here lets discuss this Seeing the unrest around Russia-Ukraine ri...
1 week ago
And there's the news of Southampton desperate to sell Osvaldo... ...and Juve currently looking for a forward... ..NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
That's just quite harsh towards Gerrard take it from me as I'm a neutral.. And he's no way overrated as u exaggerated (well, usually British player were always...
Injuries was our biggest enemy b4 Conte came remember Quag injury against Parma in 2010 dat turned our season upside down? Well i really..really..hope Max wou...
Morata in Evra in last i read somewhere Marotta is targeting another forward/striker (Jovetic,Lukaku,Lavezzi) another offensive player wouldn't hurt..since we...
I understand guys we can dislike Max all we want but we shouldn't make his job harder..but still..just hold to this strong words "Players & coaches come & go....
To all my fellow Juventino here..well idk about u guys but i'm already moving on. Like Sam said b4, "For everything he did, he deserved some kind of tribute. ...
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Morata & Marotta :p
^panic buy that what it is
One of the nicer news to hear so far hope they complete his signing soon
Wrong timing is what it is idk the exact reason for his quitting but (don't bash me on this, i'm just as frustrated as u guys and i'm merely voicing what i'm f...
Yeap it doesn't make sense Sam that's why i'm hoping dat news was dead wrong and just a hoax written by anti-Juve people to disrupt Juve even more
Http:// i really...really...really hope this news is untrue.
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