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There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post..

..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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Typical Juve...always prefer doing the hardwork the title decider this Sunday instead...
3 days ago
Just some league math if Juve beat Crotone, while Napoli lose to Udinese come Sunday, if Juve win against Napoli = Campione for the 7th in a row
4 days ago
40m for him is a bargain on the current transfer market rate
6 days ago
Milan 0-0 Napoli time to distance ourselves from our closest title challenger Juve-Samp lineup -------------------Buffon-------------------- ---Howedes------...
5 teams. Like this season UCL City,United(EL winner),Liverpool,Chelsea,Spurs
1 week ago
Scipio. Hey don't get me wrong bro. I'd nothing against those who like me(positive/optimist) and those who weren't as the matter of fact one of the reason i lo...
Well, what a crazy round in Europe Roma made the impossible, possible Juve nearly following suit, but not enough Lazio self-destruct after taking control as...
I'd watched my team against Real Madrid many times, so believe me when i'd say this, ouf of the 3 teams remaining, Bayern would definitely my pick as the team w...
@Oddshot amen to that. I'd wait forever to see Newcastle playing in UCL once again the last time was back when our teams got drawn in the same group together
I'm happy(with the team fightback), but sad(how we got out of UCL) at the same time
Buffon rarely got angry and got into referee face like that to conceded that kind of penalty in a dying seconds after ur team have worked very hard to turn on ...
Doesn't matter. I believe after the first leg 90% out of this forum believe Juve were out maybe except for me and few others. really proud by the performance o...
That was the 1% slight chance i was talking about earlier really proud of the team tonight for u still talking about discrediting the team effort, we're 3 AWA...
4 CL in 11 years and u were still unsatisfied? i'd watch my team played in 4 freaking UCL final(98,03,15,17) and lost all of em if only i got some powers to w...
In other words, we really missed the energetic-tireless kind of player like Vidal, Tevez etc Mandzukic shown dat glimpse against Bayern(in UCL 15/16) and again...
Best comeback by the underdog were definitely Deportivo vs AC Milan back then and that were the AC Milan team who'd conquered Europe for some period
That's why if u remember even our Principino said after 0-3 defeat against Real "if u stop believing...u r not one of us..." so to all u realist & pessimist o...
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