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There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post..

..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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Imagine if Juve did have a good start earlier of the season? 20+ pts different a.k.a one horse league already :p
5 days ago
SuperGigi for a reason justice is his motto and tonight saving that cheap dive penalty was justice
6 days ago
I might be hoping for them to return to their glory once again, but if it was us against em, sorry, no sympathy for ya. I still remember back in 2010 they trash...
1 week ago
In b4 "hence why our name are Internazionale bcoz of international flavor in it lol"
At first glimpse i thought the most right bald-headed dude was Alex lol
Lazio's player, should change their name to 'shirt puller and complainer'
Yeap, 12 pts advantage +1 bcoz we have a better head-to-head against Napoli and to make things more interesting, Napoli seems to have a hard time against Bolog...
What's that old saying.... "you know its over when Padoin came on"
2 weeks ago
I feel for BVB fan the way they got eliminated looks similar to us. Trailing at home, then leading away with 2 away goals..and then when they got their hopes u...
Jeff Stelling just did the "2015/16 Aston Villa season review in under 1 minute"
3 weeks ago
What can i say, the goal probably coming from Pogba & Mario, but we owed all the 3pts from our residence Superman Gigi really, they should stop comparing him w...
"s**t" is Negan favorite word
Missed hearing the commentator saying "Carlitoosssssssssss!!!!!" Then fans cont'd "Tevez!!!!!!"
I think the top 3 are set Fiorentina with inability to win since Spurs dumped em out of EL both Milanese clubs with a roller coaster form while Roma looking u...
With such a depleted squad and everyone still not at 100%, 3pts is all that matter Having bow out of CL, failure to win BOTH the coppa & scudetto can be consid...
4 weeks ago
Never a fan of these meaningless international "friendlies" If i want to watch the international team in action o would wait for World Cup, Euro, Copa etc And...
1 month ago
LOL Sam, funny u should say that, bcoz i'm sure each and everyone of us here getting tired for Caceres to play a full or atleast 3/4 season without an injury ...
Alvaro Khedira looks cool though Gigi Zaza looks like he's somebody grandfather XD
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