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Great win, gotta love the woodwork and when youre against a keeper like Fabianski you always have a chance I suppose.
7 years ago
Hahahaha I loved this, good to see Gerrard get back his old self, he's a great player and will always be just because he's having a bad run doesn't mean anythin...
Are there any videos showing ameobi's second? Had to miss this game today
Great result for our boys, glad to see Shola out there getting the job done. I know Chelsea have bigger fish to fry but even their reserve players are quality a...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Jose is a great manager, anyone who says otherwise is just denying whats obvious. Yes he can be arrogant, cocky and a plain out douche sometimes....but it's all...
Never would imagine to see a game where Barton gets battered and just laughs about it...big turn around for him, glad he seems to of grown up. And Ben Arfa is j...
It's a great day to to be a US fan, we deserved this today...and Tim Howards distribution today was incredible. His throws were something that a quarterback wou...
Congrats Fulham, what a night to be at the Cottage....Dempsey and Donovan have been representing the states well.
8 years ago
Rooney has become a real poacher, almost a Van Nistelroy type striker. His support play is phenomenal but he doesn't score many out of the box. Amazing player, ...
Rough season for Pool, can't see rafa being around for another...whats with the whole gerrard hand gesture thing after being booked? Is the v sign really offens...
Don't give up hope there's always a chance of a comeback Fulham's had a great've gotten past Basle, Roma and Shaktar. So either way next thursday Fulh...
Thanks Tigeraman, we're demolishing the Championship we'll be back. Its just all the back room stuff that hurt us to begin with, never had a solid stable manage...
Has this been brought up before? not sure, but how do you guys think we would be if all of our top athletes had been soccer players rather than our other top sp...
Spelling or not...crap joke, everyone knows Obama would single handedly win the World Cup with his untouchable athleticism
Yeah beautiful reception for Becks but he deserved it for all he achieved at United...Thought the green and yellow original color scarf they gave him at the end...
I knew Newcastle would do just fine in the Championship, i'm looking forward to see how we do when we get back in the prem. I do like how we're not relying on o...
People should respect Milan for their history and what they've accomplished but at the same time milan fans have to accept that their team isn't at the top of t...
Haha I was kidding about him coming to Newcastle...The entire club was for sale for about the price of Rooneys transfer fee come on now guys!
Yeah Pato wouldn't of made a huge difference but he gives you boys another dimension and I like watching him play...other than that silly celebration of his, st...
Would of been nice if Pato could of played had he not been injured, I think he's a class striker for being so young...Milan do need a Dzeko type player however
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