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4 years ago
It's not a pass back because the defender kick the ball forward. Pretty sure that wasn't a free kick. Stupidly easy goal for him to score (Ronaldo) he just had ...
5 years ago
Unlucky Arsenal. You would of matched Barca's newly set comeback record if you had scored one more.
Football is marred by so many inconsistent and odd decisions they seem to pop up in the CL quite often too. upset as a united fan for such a harsh decision as s...
Never a red card. Way too harsh! Wasn't sliding just a slight lunge. The referee lost his coool!!!
Other footballing countries need to step up. Spain has set the bar high - I don't think they will run away with it in Brazil 2014 though. It will still be tough...
Woi! Borussia Dortmund look dangerous. I wonder what their odds were on winning CL at the beginning of the season.
Haha you're right. This season will take some topping for sure!
Wow wow wow wow WOW!! heard there was a wonder goal scored by Cisse in this game so came to check. First one was impressive and as for the second one... goals ...
Haha I can't believe I only just learnt that! :P
6 years ago
Firstly that was an amazing game. the ramires chip was my personal highlight but am I the only one to notice that Torres is way beyond the last defender and loo...
Newcastle above chelsea at this point in the season. Who'd of thunk it!
Great finishes from everyone, Madrid looking lethal! The prospect of a Real V Barca final is very exciting. Mourinho is good with Finals got a feeling it might ...
Wow. Ozil assists at the end was out of this world!
Newcastle have been outstanding this season. Not a lot of people would of expected them to be where they are now on the table. Hats off to em!
Cavani is definitely my favourite player at the moment. He doesn't mess around and I can see him finding the back of the net a lot this season!
Bolivia beat argentina 6-1 in la paz which i believe is one of the highest altitude stadiums in the world. no excuse but i reckon that had a lot to do with it.
Hahahahaaaaa yeerrr that was funny
Agreed! Robinho is a chief!
They played ok... they are no Man United Congrats to em for winning the title and good luck in the CL Final, may the better team win!
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