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@Thestacks717 Well said man.Well said. Nani is selfish stupid prick but it's a no brainer MU will keep hanging to him.
7 years ago
And the greediest man of the match goes to Nani. Seriously,Ronaldo would get Goal of the Week if it wasn't for that stupid prick Nani.
@Fingerpuppetz Well said man.Well said.
Neville should be sent off. No quality of sportsmanship at all. Edit: WTF.I just realised that Man Utd fans rated Hernadez goal for Goal of the Week than Tunca...
Honestly by the way Alex took that freekick, defense post should consider themselves lucky not to block the ball.And the goalkeeper should too,to that extent.
Bah Nani's goal was good but is it really the number one goal? Just another up-voted from the fan-wagon I guess.
Too many Man U fanboys upvoting the goal. Watch Hamsik's goal against Steaua Bucharest or Pirlo's.Or soon next to be Chelsea Alex's and Drogba's.Much better qu...
I take it back,after watching Alex goal(I saw Drogba's first),that second swinging torpedo is definitely goal of this season,followed closely by Drogba's.
Drogba and Alex's goal is definitely the goal of the season.
Say what you want but Vidic should get a card or two,period. The ref was bias to ManU,period. Fulham deserved this draw,ManU was lucky to get it,period.
I'll say this again and again until Ronaldo is no longer relevant. I honestly think that letting Ronaldo go was a mistake.I'm not sure if it's big or small,but...
8 years ago
LOL at 91 idiots who voted Rubbish for Chelsea. Once a Manure always a Manure.
I honestly think that letting Ronaldo go was a mistake.I'm not sure big or small,but it is still a mistake.
True comment u left on the chelsea-villa match, true this site is runned by man.united like dictatorship lool, I`ve said this many times before but nobody gives...
There are at least 35 people voted Rubbish for Chelsea in Chelsea V Aston Villa (7-1), compared to at least 13 people voted Rubbish for Manchester United in Ma...
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